IT Office Relocation Move

Organising an IT office Relocation move can be difficult regardless of the size of the business, IT solutions in place or the experience in the team.

Small companies prefer to use cloud-only based solutions like Microsoft’s Office 365 package for emails, storage and other common aspects of running a business. An end user device per user and a reasonably fast/reliable internet connection is normally an extent of the requirements for small companies. Access to the office network is rarely required and as such mobility options are fully provided and delivered by the cloud based solutions.

The requirements for the medium size companies can vary as normally the complexity of the design grows with the size of the business. It’s important to perform a full analysis of the prerequisites for the network to operate in the new premises. Depending on the business priorities and architecture the new office network may be relatively simple. A few firewalls, some switches and some wireless network can be the extent of the complexity for the company which has migrated all the services to the cloud.

  • Comprehensive support and consulting at every stage of the moving process
  • Proxar IT will advise on and manage your phone line and internet migration by liaising with the services providers
  • We will go the extra mile to ensure the disruption to your business operation is minimised and prevent any unforeseen issues

An Office move and IT relocation is always a disruptive and complicated process to undertake for any business and failure at any stage of the project might cause several issues.

Proxar IT’s team of experienced engineers can offer a professional advice and support at every step of the transfer, including pre-move planning, move execution and after-move consultations.

We will make sure that any disruption is minimised so you will be able to carry on managing your own workloads and running your business. For more information on our IT Office Relocation please contact us