What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service, with each plan offering different products. With the ability to assign a single or multiple subscription plans to users, Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions are designed to allow you to adapt its functionality to meet your business needs. By choosing your Microsoft Office 365 subscription to meet your business requirements, you can pay only for what you need. 

But how do you know just what it is you need, and what’s more, how to get it? Luckily, Proxar IT Consulting are Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) in the UK, meaning we have a wealth of experience with both procuring Office 365 subscriptions as well as providing support services for it on a daily basis.

At Proxar IT Consulting, our procurement of Microsoft Office 365 licensing is done through ‘New Commerce Experience’ (NCE). Customers are committed to a 12 month subscription with the option of being billed monthly or annually gaining from ensuring your price will be locked in for the entire 12 month term.


Microsoft Office 365 Hosts a Range of Services Including:

More London and UK businesses are opting to utilise these technologies due to their inbuilt functionality with communication and collaboration platforms. As a result, additional licensing can sometimes be required in order to start using many of these technologies and unlock these features.

Pricing and Comparison or Core Subscriptions

Microsoft 365 for Business
Microsoft 365 Enterprise
Microsoft 365 Frontline