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Few businesses can survive without a secure, robust and fast network. Cisco Networks transform your infrastructure with Enterprise equipment offering reliability with scalability however, ensuring your Cisco Network and equipment are configured to best practises will require proficient knowledge and expertise. Proxar IT Consulting offer Cisco Network Consulting services in the UK designed with the objective of making your business better.

Cisco network consulting is placed at the heart of our services! Not only are we Cisco accredited suppliers, but our Cisco Network Consulting services gives you access to Cisco trained and certified engineers, experts and designers who can:

  • Advise
  • Design
  • Maintain
  • Repair
  • Upgrade
  • Extend
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Cisco Network Consulting Services We Provide in the UK

Cisco Firewalls, Routers and Switches

Firewalls, Routers and Switches play a vital role in your business being one of the core components of any Network. Firewalls are key security feature like the locks on our houses and constitute the first line of defence against network-based threats to your company. Get ahead of the game with our Consulting Service to address potential risks and ensure the overall configuration is setup correctly.

Cisco Network Design

Designing a Cisco Network encompasses many aspects. Our experience Cisco Networking consultants analyse your IT infrastructure requirements independently to determine the necessary desires and requirements needed in order to deliver a Network ideal for your business.

Load Balancing and Advanced Cisco Consultancy

Sharing the Network load (or traffic) provides a more efficient way of getting data across your Network resulting with improvements to performance and reliability and can often act in some scenarios as a form of resilience. We provide advice, recommendations and perform setups to specification with full implementation testing with optional ongoing monitoring and support services too.


Providing high availability and continuous operations to IT services in the event of an unexpected incident or failed hardware, helping to prevent or minimise severe outages can be achieved with the use of the right equipment and knowledge of how to setup.

The Role of a Cisco Network Consultant in Modern Business

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the role of a cisco network consultant is more crucial than ever. With the increasing reliance on technology and the internet, businesses worldwide are seeking experts who can guide them in establishing a robust and secure network environment. Proxar IT Consulting, with its team of professionals, stands at the forefront of this demand, offering world-class services to businesses in the UK and beyond.

A cisco network consultant is not just someone who understands the technicalities of Cisco products. They are experts who can delve deep into a company’s network infrastructure needs, offering solutions that are streamlined, efficient, and tailored to the specific requirements of the business. Their role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from advising on the best Cisco technology to use, to ensuring that all network devices are configured optimally for maximum efficiency and security.

Support Services and Network Security

One of the primary concerns for any business today is network security. With the increasing number of cyber threats, having a dedicated network security consultant on board is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Proxar IT Consulting offers advanced support services that focus on ensuring that a company’s network environment is not only efficient but also secure from potential threats. Their team of experts guides businesses in selecting the right Cisco technology, ensuring that the network devices are up-to-date and configured to best practices.

Professional Services for a Dynamic Network Environment

The network environment of a business is not static. As the company grows, so do its network infrastructure needs. Proxar IT Consulting understands this dynamic nature and offers professional services that cater to the evolving demands of businesses. Whether it’s expanding the network, integrating new network devices, or upgrading to the latest Cisco technology, their team of experts is always ready to assist.

Network Consultancy for the Future

The future of business lies in the cloud, and with the rise of IoT and other advanced technologies, the importance of a robust network infrastructure cannot be overstated. Proxar IT Consulting, with its extensive experience and knowledge of Cisco products, is the ideal partner for businesses looking to future-proof their operations. Their network consultancy services are designed to ensure that businesses are always a step ahead, ready to embrace the technological advancements of tomorrow.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Key requirements to having a working and trouble-free Network is ensuring that regular maintenance takes place and budgeting for upgrades. Our Cisco Network Consulting Service can help you to put together a plan for Maintenance and Upgrades. Alternatively, you can always outsource the support and maintenance to Proxar IT Consulting.

At Proxar IT Consulting, we have Engineers throughout London and the rest of the UK, who can monitor equipment for Cisco networks, but who can also watch over any third-party services required by your network, for more information please contact us.

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What is Cisco Network Consulting?
Cisco Network Consulting focuses on designing, implementing, and maintaining Cisco networking solutions for businesses. Experts assess networking needs, identify improvements, and develop customized solutions for optimal performance and security. This service helps enhance network infrastructure, increase efficiency, and ensure reliability and scalability. Leveraging Cisco Network Consulting professionals allows organizations to stay ahead in technology and maximize networking investments.
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