Assessing your requirements

Understanding your IT needs to deliver the perfect solution and setup

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Procurement, licensing and lead times

Getting the right equipment and licences to enable your business to run smoothly

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Emails and Office packages

The right Microsoft package delivered by Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs)

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Internet and networking

Proficient system architecture connecting your devices better

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Security from the outset

Integrating security into the planning - crucial for your new business

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Initial implementation

Staged planning revolving around the IT setup of your new business

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IT Setup for New Business

Are you in the process or looking to start a new a new Business in the UK but don’t really know where to start with the IT side of things? Are you unsure of what you might need or how to adhere to best practises? If so, you have come to the right place.

Here at Proxar IT, we understand the IT setup for new Business just like yours and have launched a solution which has been designed to be simple, effective, and good value for money. With the ever-evolving scope of technologies and business needs, our all in one ‘off the shelf’ solution has been designed specifically for start-up companies and incorporates all of the necessary day-today IT aspects as well as adding security taking our provided solution into a league of its own. With Proxar’s IT setup for new Business solution, not only will you be in good hands but you can rest assured that your IT setup for new Business will be to a much higher standard than the majority of other UK entry level services available from other IT companies. Proxar IT will take away your stress and worry of your IT setup, enabling you to spend your time focusing on the other key areas for your new Business.

IT Setup for New Business

Unlike most other IT support companies, London established Proxar IT don’t insist on lengthy support contracts and operate on a continued 30 day rolling contract. Our IT setup for new Business solution is no different, in fact we also provide you with the added benefit of being able to opt out of continued support and maintenance once the IT setup for your new business is finished meaning should you wish to take the completed solution away without continued support from Proxar IT, you are free to do so. We will of course also be more than happy to provide the support and maintenance aspect should your circumstances change in the future.

IT Setup for New Business Pricing, Please Check out our Online Calculator Tool

If our IT setup for new business solution is something which you feel you (or someone you know) could benefit from, or if you would like to know more, please reach out and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.


Starting a new business in the UK and require the IT infrastructure setup? Our team will take the lead with the thoughts and planning by asking the necessary questions to assess how your infrastructure should be setup ticking all the boxes right from the outset


A service fantastic for a New Business needing to obtain starting equipment. No matter if you require the full infrastructure from Routers, Firewalls, switches and Access Points to Desktops, Laptops and monitors we can help


Getting the right package from the very start and ensuring your business has the correct functionality that you and your team need. Your assigned consultant will guide and answer all questions which you may have


Looking for assistance with choosing an internet service provider or need guidance with what type of connection you need? Or are just looking to setup a network but are unsure how or what is needed. In a non-technical language, our team can help identify giving your business the internet and networking it needs


Protect your infrastructure with the practise of implementing effective security solutions may that be by Physical Controls, policies, Authentication Mechanisms, Network access or via business processes. We will ensure your new business has a great starting point and is secured to a high level


Let our team design and plan an IT infrastructure which will be tailored to meet your business requirements in readiness your Go Live date. The IT setup plan will include details ranging from beginning to end providing you with the confidence that everything has been accounted for


Do you require a fully managed IT support and maintenance contract for your new business which will give you the piece of mind in knowing that if you, or any members of your team have any IT related issues, a support help desk is ready and waiting to assist


Whether you are looking for full or partial workstation data Backups, Server Backups, Office 365 backups (Email, Sharepoint, OneDrive or Teams) or Azure backups, we can help your business to protect its data so that you can restore and recover even under those unforeseen circumstance