Proxar IT Consulting provide expert advice and recommendations to assist your business delivering the project to your requirements. Our AutoPilot Consulting will help you plan, setup, test and deploy as well as answering any questions you may have along the way.


You will be assigned a UK based Consultant who specialises in Microsoft Autopilot who will drive the project scoping the work. As part of the scoping it will include planning for:

  • Prerequisites – licensing, software requirements, review current setup
  • Who – a breakdown of the users or departments involved
  • When – dates and times
  • Where – Location(s) AutoPilot will be deployed to
  • Which – Devices deployment will apply to
  • Expectations and Questions


With a full scope of work planned and agreed to schedule, our AutoPilot Consultant will begin the setup by implementing AutoPilot for your business. In the event that the necessary platform isn’t ready or available to facilitate the setup, this will be picked up during the initial review and you can choose to configure or we can provide a separate quote to ensure it’s possible to complete the setup of AutoPilot.


With AutoPilot fully setup and configured, our AutoPilot Consultant will begin testing to ensure everything works as expected. Any issues identified will be reviewed and fixed and we will begin deployment to the agreed test devices/users to obtain feedback.


Now that Testing is complete, any identified issues will have been resolved. We will request final sign-off to confirm that you are happy with how AutoPilot is working and will then begin the deployment to any devices/users which were identified as being within scope of the project.

Because we are a London located IT Support Company as well as Consultancy, we can support and deliver a wide variety of technologies to scope based on your business needs. This means that should something be needed we have the right people within our team to facilitate the project preventing delays. For more information on our AutoPilot Consulting, please contact us.