Server Management

Support, maintenance and management for all your server needs

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Security and Compliance Management Audit

Develop and implement security policies and procedures aided to help respond to security incidents

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud computing that delivers essential compute, storage and networking resources on demand

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Monitoring and Alerts

Real-time monitoring to identify critical events or if specific thresholds are reached and notify

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Microsoft Office 365

Flexible subscription based services driving everyday technology solutions

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IT Asset Management

Identify and track business assets are accounted for with detailed information

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Monitoring and Alerts

Downtimes, outages, and disruption cause frustration to every UK business. It can be damaging for your reputation and cost you valued customers. But what if there was a way to avoid it? 

Sometimes, problems hide under the surface undetected for long periods of time before they strike. With proper IT monitoring tools, these problems can be identified and resolved before they cause damage. IT monitoring software tools continuously scan for issues within your infrastructure, performance and IT management, while IT Alerts make you aware of any problems found. In doing so, IT Monitoring and Alerting software enables you to take a proactive approach to downtimes, tackling issues head on before they have time to strike. 

With the right monitoring tool, it’s possible to view alerts and notifications directly in the tool itself, through email, or SMS. The right people in your business can be notified at the right time, and get to work to resolve the issue straight away.

Monitoring and Alerts

The benefits of using IT Monitoring and Alerting

What can you monitor?

Network Infrastructure

Security and Network Control Devices

Wireless Infrastructure

Servers, Appliances and workstations

Storage Infrastructure

UPS and Power Distribution

Remote Access Management


Whether you are looking to implement an in-house IT Monitoring and Alerts software or for an outsourced IT solution to monitor and manage on your behalf, Proxar IT Consulting can help. We support both the deployment and rollout of IT monitoring and alerting tools as well as managing the software for many UK companies. Please contact us for more information.