Microsoft Exchange Online

Cloud based email and calendaring services hosted by Microsoft

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Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive

Collaboration where people inside and outside your business can work together with ease

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Conditional Access

Policies designed to help control what a user can access, and how and when they have access

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MultiFactor Authentication

Protect your business by preventing unauthorised access to business resources such a websites or application

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Azure Hosting

Public cloud hosting delivered by Microsoft Azure for businesses

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Azure Virtual Desktop

A scalable virtualized desktop and application experience secured in the cloud

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Windows 365

A subscription based service providing a cloud PC dedicated to a specific user

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Microsoft 365 Defender Security

An Enterprise defence suite designed for identifying, protecting and securing devices within your infrastructure

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Endpoint management with Intune

Cloud-based management for devices driving security and consistency for your business

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Microsoft Autopilot

Simplify large and small scale device enrolment, configuration, and deployments

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Updates Management

Patch management deployment of updates - avoid inconsistency

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Integrations of cloud and on-prem

Improve user experience by evolving your businesses to the next level of modern working

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Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Scalable solutions with endless opportunities

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Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has transformed the way a modern UK business operates. Leveraging cloud computing technology has allowed organisations to adapt and enhance the way  users share and access data and perform daily tasks. In recent years, cloud solutions have excelled to boast a range of benefits, including:

Increased Scalability

Cloud-based infrastructures such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provide the ability to provision computing services on demand. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we can add or remove storage, computing power, or any other resource at ease based on your business’ requirements, without needing to purchase additional hardware. This ability to increase or decrease resources as necessary provides cost savings straight from the outset.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Enhanced Security

Cloud solutions offer IT support companies advanced security features such as data encryption, network protection, and identity management. IT support companies can ensure their clients' data is secure, preventing unauthorised access, data breaches, and other cyber threats. This added layer of security helps IT support companies gain clients' trust, and it also frees up their resources to focus on other aspects of their services.

Reduced Costs

Cloud Solutions remove the need to invest in expensive hardware and software while taking care of the maintenance, updates, and security of the infrastructure. In doing so, it helps businesses reduce operational costs. 

Increased Collaboration

Cloud solutions enable seamless collaboration both internally and with third-parties. The ability for multiple people to access and share the same information, resources, and data from any location in real time results in greater productivity, faster resolution of issues, and better service delivery.

Disaster Recovery and business continuity 

Cloud solutions provide an added layer of disaster recovery. Faced with an unexpected issue such as failed hardware, power and internet outages, or even a natural disaster, users can continue working, while cloud technology quickly restores data and applications using cloud-based backup and recovery solutions.

To summarise, cloud solutions offer a host of benefits. From increased scalability and enhanced security to lower costs and disaster recovery, cloud solutions can help businesses continue to stay competitive, expand their offerings, and provide their clients with the best services possible. 

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