Many UK businesses are dependent in some way on their on-premise servers. But do you know what would happen to your business if your server failed, or if ransomware encrypted all of your data? 

Did you know that almost a million UK businesses do not back up their company data? In the event of a server failure or cyber attack, much of this data would be unrecoverable, with dramatic implications for business operations. 

Furthermore, 83% of the UK firms that do back up their data save it to servers or storage devices in the same premises, leaving them vulnerable to data loss through theft, fire, or malware attack. 


Cloud-based solutions for on-prem backups

Cloud-based solutions are an easy win for many businesses, offering an affordable backup that protects your data. At Proxar IT Consulting, we offer cloud-based on-prem backup solutions, delivering fantastic functionality with an easy-to-use web interface and a full overview dashboard visualising your total backup size, storage growth, utilisation, named configured servers, connection statuses, and any assigned backup policies.

Of course, this dashboard also offers an easy-to-view summary displaying the status of all successful or failed backups alongside a log detailing the reason for failures. Combined with an email reporting tool, this not only allows for a comprehensive overview of your backup solution but creates a stress-free auditing process. 

We offer on-prem backup for the following: 

On-prem backups customisable to your business 

The backup policies are completely customisable and tailored to meet your business needs. You can specify settings such as the backup frequency, days to run, and start times, and even the backup windows and maximum bandwidth to minimise impact on your business operations.