Plan your Office IT move

IT considerations when moving offices

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Assess existing equipment

Ensure your IT equipment is suitable for your business

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Evaluate internet and network needs

Reliable and efficient internet can sometimes be overlooked

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New Office Site audit

Let us review and plan, so that you don't have to!

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Protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyberattacks

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Network and Wi-Fi deployment

Roll out a first-class network for your business

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Testing the new network

Ensure your network is set up the right way to drive performance and prevent vulnerabilities

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Office DR Plan

Methodical thinking documenting how to respond to unplanned incidents

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IT Security Audit

Systematic evaluation measuring how your infrastructure conforms with the best security practises

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International relocations

Setting up IT infrastructures for newly and established business locating in and out of the UK

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Network and Wi-Fi Deployment

Are you a new business kitting out your first office in the UK? Relocating to a new one or extending your existing premises? Maybe you’re just upgrading old equipment to new. Whatever your situation, ensuring you have the right network in place and setup correctly will lead to a more robust and better performance infrastructure. Network and Wi-Fi deployment are increasingly complex. Their ever-evolving designs makes them even harder for non-IT professionals to know, understand and support, particularly when combining security requirements with what works best.

Proxar IT Consulting specialise in office moves and relocations in London and throughout the UK, where we review, audit, design, setup, support and monitor your entire IT infrastructure. Through our tailored Network and Wi-Fi deployment services,  we help you get the most from your network.

Network and Wi-Fi Deployment

Office network deployments typically consist of:

When deploying a Network, we take into consideration all three networking topologies and evaluate them based on your business requirements. Taking into consideration your needs, budget, and growth prospects, we design the perfect network that delivers without compromise.

Understanding Wi-Fi Deployments

Wi-Fi deployments can be complicated. You want to achieve the right balance between limiting black spots (areas with no signal) and maintaining best practices of not overlapping the signal. But ensuring a wireless network is available and secure isn’t the only consideration when deploying a wireless network. In fact, our network deployment also include:

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