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Cloud IT Support

The modern world is changing. It’s no longer enough to have IT Support for your on-premise infrastructure, users, devices, and network: now, cloud IT Support is becoming increasingly important. 

Just as cloud technologies have transformed the way of work, we’re here to transform your business and empower you to use all the technology at your disposal. We understand the world of Cloud IT, and how to use cloud for business in a way that will revolutionise your IT. 
We support all forms of Cloud IT Technologies, whether in the form of a service, a platform, or infrastructure. Our London-based, fully-manned support helpdesk is available 24/7, ready to help you whenever you need us. 

Cloud IT Support

Cloud Technologies We Support 

Hybrid Cloud 

We support applications running between multiple environments, be it on-premise, private cloud, or public cloud. We can support the migration of infrastructure from on-premises to cloud, and offer IT Support for consistently excellent operations across platforms. 

Public Cloud 

On-demand computing services deliver a secure infrastructure over the internet, delivered by third party providers. We support Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. 

Private cloud 

Private clouds offer computing services dedicated specifically to your business. This gives you full control over the infrastructure, including when and how things take place. 

Infrastructure as a Service 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) relies on the cloud to deliver compute, networking, and storage resources with on-demand scalability. We offer Cloud IT Support to deliver IaaS and help you realise reduced IT Capex spend and increased efficiency. 

Platform as a Service 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is primarily used by developers or programmers to develop apps or host services without needing to build, manage, or maintain the infrastructure. 

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) 

Cloud for businesses utilises Virtualized Desktop computing to offer persistent and non-persistent experiences optimised to meet your needs, including Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. 

Want to know more? 

If you’d like to explore the full range of Cloud IT Support we offer in the UK, you can learn more by visiting our Cloud Services pages today.