Sustainability Policy

Proxar IT Consulting believes that acting in an environmentally responsible manner should be reflected in the way we do business. Committed to delivering Green IT designs, we have both a moral and social responsibility for implementing environmental measures that go beyond legislative requirements and look to encourage other businesses to follow our lead.

Proxar IT Consulting is therefore committed to:

  • Providing visible leadership that promotes good environmental performance and pledge the appropriate resources to achieve our environmental goals. Utilising the best available technologies to reduce our impact on the environment in a way that is economically justifiable.
  • Implementing steps to meet and exceed the requirements of environmental laws and regulations and other conservation commitments to which Proxar IT Consulting subscribes.
  • Motivating employees to act with environmental awareness through training and information.
  • Exercising care in the selection, use and conservation of energy and raw materials to ensure that such resources are essential and not wasted.
  • Systematically reviewing operations and taking appropriate measures to continuously improve our Corporate Environmental Protections.
  • Where possible, we will influence suppliers to comply with environmental regulations and to implement environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • Applying the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes. Including, travel, employee commuting, company vehicles and office management.

For those emissions we are able to reduce the business will acquire sufficient carbon offsets to maintain carbon neutrality.