Information Security Services

Our Information Security Services have been designed with the following objectives:

  • Information Security Services and Systems need to be protected against unauthorised access or modification, whether in storage, processing or transit
  • Security products and services includes best of breed network security solutions created to address all risks associated to securing your corporate network
  • Security firewall solutions, including network security consulting, firewall consulting, configuration, installation, audits and troubleshooting

With the internet developing and redeveloping constantly over the last decade, and numerous cyber threats created daily, more and more businesses are seeing their network and sensitive informations compromised by lack of high-end security.

Successful Information Security Management, as offered by Proxar IT, requires a right combination of technology, strategy, processes, people and Information Security services – all aligned with business objectives and goals to ensure operational success.

Information Security services from Proxar IT are provided by a team of highly experienced security experts who perform research, develop solutions and work with clients to solve specific security problems.

Our Information Security consultants can guide you through the full process of risk management stages to make sure you know what are the right solutions for your business, and also how to implement and run them effectively.  For more information please contact us