Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the preferred option for UK businesses of all sizes when it comes to IT infrastructure. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly seeing the benefits of adopting cloud computing. Its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness are attractive, particularly when resources are limited. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of cloud computing for SMBs, and why working with a trusted, London-based IT company is key to maximising those benefits.

Level Up Your IT

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a method of delivering computing services over the internet. Instead of owning and maintaining physical servers and infrastructure, businesses can access computing resources such as storage, computing power, and applications through a cloud service provider. It has numerous benefits, particularly for SMBs, that we’ll explore later in the post. 

Cloud computing providers typically offer a range of services and deployment models. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows businesses to access software applications and tools through the internet, while Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a platform for businesses to develop, run, and manage their own applications. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides businesses with access to virtualized computing resources such as servers, storage, and networking. Public clouds are owned and operated by third-party service providers, while private clouds are owned and operated by the business itself. Hybrid clouds combine elements of both public and private clouds, allowing businesses to customise their IT infrastructure to meet their specific needs.

Benefits of cloud computing for SMBs in the UK

  • Cost savings: The cost savings associated with cloud computing for small businesses can be significant. With traditional on-premises systems, businesses must invest in expensive hardware and software infrastructure, as well as the ongoing maintenance and upgrades required to keep the system running smoothly. In contrast, cloud computing allows small businesses to pay for the services they use on a pay-as-you-go basis, which can save them money in the long run. This means that they only pay for the resources they need. Furthermore, by accessing their data and applications through the internet, using any device with an internet connection, small and medium sized businesses do not need to invest in costly in-house IT staff to manage and maintain their systems. For SMBs looking to reduce their costs, cloud computing is an attractive option.
Level Up Your IT

Additionally, cloud providers often offer service-level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a certain level of uptime and availability, which can provide small businesses with peace of mind. This level of reliability allows you to focus on your core business activities – not worrying about managing or maintaining your IT infrastructure.  

How Proxar IT Consulting can help

While cloud computing offers many benefits for SMBs, it’s important to work with a professional and reliable IT company in the UK, to introduce it to your business and ensure proper maintenance. At Proxar IT Consulting, we offer the experience and expertise you need to ensure proper configuration of your cloud computing, ensuring that it is fit to meet your business needs. What’s more, cloud computing comes with its own set of security risks, meaning it’s essential to work with a trusted IT support company to protect your data.

After setup, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance for your cloud infrastructure, ensuring that it continues to perform optimally and that any issues are quickly addressed. This minimises downtime while maximising productivity. While an additional cost, working with a professional IT company can actually save you money in the long run by ensuring your cloud infrastructure is operating at peak performance.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in exploring cloud computing for your SMB, contact Proxar IT Consulting today to learn more.