Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity tools and applications designed to meet these needs and drive business growth. With its vast array of benefits, it’s a must for any business. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we want to help your UK business realise the potential of this comprehensive platform.

Introducing Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools offered by Microsoft. It includes a range of applications and services that are designed to enhance productivity, streamline communication, and facilitate collaboration within organisations. It encompasses familiar applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, along with cloud-based storage through OneDrive. Additionally, it offers tools like Microsoft Teams for real-time collaboration, SharePoint for document management and team sites, and Exchange Online for email and calendar services, providing employees with the flexibility to collaborate on documents and applications from anywhere, at any time. Microsoft 365 also includes advanced security features, data protection measures, and mobile device management capabilities. With automatic updates and continuous support, Microsoft 365 is available on a subscription-based model, ensuring that businesses always have access to the latest software versions and features.

Now that we understand exactly what Microsoft 365 is, let’s delve into the key benefits that it can offer to businesses!

Level Up Your IT

Increased Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft 365 is its ability to foster collaboration within teams, regardless of their physical location. By providing a suite of powerful tools and features, it enables seamless communication and teamwork within organisations. With applications like Microsoft Teams, users can collaborate in real-time, share files, chat, and conduct audio and video calls, wherever they may be in the world – a benefit that’s increasingly pertinent in the world of remote working. The platform allows for simultaneous co-authoring of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, resulting in increased collaboration among team members and the end of email exchanges attaching the most recent version of documents. 

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 integrates with other productivity tools, such as SharePoint and OneDrive, to provide a unified and secure environment for document management and file sharing. The ability to access files and applications from anywhere, on any device, promotes flexibility and ensures that teams can collaborate effectively, even when working remotely. By fostering real-time collaboration, Microsoft 365 enhances productivity, improves decision-making, and strengthens teamwork within organisations.

Accessibility from Anywhere, Anytime

Microsoft 365 enables businesses to access their files, documents, and applications from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows employees to work remotely or while on the go, ensuring that productivity is not limited to the office environment. Whether it’s editing documents on a laptop, reviewing spreadsheets on a tablet, or checking emails on a smartphone, Microsoft 365 provides seamless access to essential business resources.

Enhanced Security and Data Protection

In the digital era, data security and cybersecurity should be a top concern for businesses of any size. Luckily, Microsoft 365 offers robust cybersecurity features that help organisations enhance their overall security posture. 

Firstly, it provides advanced threat protection capabilities, such as Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which safeguard against various email-based threats, including phishing attacks and malware. Additionally, Microsoft 365 implements data encryption both in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from unauthorised access. The platform also incorporates multi-factor authentication, requiring users to provide additional verification when accessing their accounts, adding an extra layer of security. 

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 includes powerful identity and access management tools, such as Azure Active Directory, enabling organisations to manage user access and permissions effectively. Finally, regular security updates and patches are automatically applied to keep systems up to date and protected against emerging threats. 

Through these comprehensive security measures, Microsoft 365 helps organisations mitigate risks, protect their data, and ensure compliance with industry regulations, bolstering their cybersecurity posture. At Proxar, we remain dedicated to protecting the cybersecurity of all of our clients: by supporting businesses adopt Microsoft 365, we are confident we are achieving this mission. 

Cost Savings

Adopting Microsoft 365 can lead to significant cost savings for businesses. With a subscription-based model, businesses can reduce upfront costs associated with software licences, server maintenance, and infrastructure upgrades. Microsoft 365 also eliminates the need for on-premises servers and hardware, reducing maintenance and operational expenses. Moreover, the scalable nature of the platform allows businesses to pay only for the services they require, ensuring cost-efficiency and flexibility.

At Proxar, operating in London area as well a throughout the UK, we work with you to identify the subscription best matched for your business at the best price. 

Streamlined Workflow and Productivity

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more, which are widely used across industries. These familiar tools empower employees to work efficiently and effectively, leveraging their existing skills and minimising the learning curve. Additionally, features like real-time co-authoring, version control, and integration with other business applications streamline workflows and improve productivity.

Scalability and Flexibility

At Proxar, we understand more than anybody else that as your business grows, so do your IT needs. To keep up with the rapid pace of change in business, adaptability is a must – not just for your IT provider, but for the products you use. Luckily, Microsoft 365 provides scalability and flexibility, allowing UK businesses to easily scale up or down based on their requirements. With a range of plans and options available, businesses can choose the features and applications that best suit their needs. Microsoft 365 seamlessly accommodates the growth trajectory of businesses, ensuring that their IT infrastructure aligns with their expanding operations.

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Microsoft 365 incorporates powerful analytics and business intelligence tools, such as Power BI, to help businesses derive meaningful insights from their data. These tools enable data visualization, data exploration, and interactive reporting, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, identify trends, and uncover valuable opportunities.

What next? 

If you’ve been persuaded of the benefits of Microsoft 365, it’s time to explore the consulting services we offer to help you get the most out of it. Whether it’s Azure consulting, setting up emails for your new UK business, or migrating to Microsoft 365, we’re here to help. Contact us today!