PCI DSS compliant online backup solution

What is PCI DSS and why does a compliant online backup solution matter?

The PCI DSS compliant online backup solution (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the gold-standard of compliance required for any business accepting card payments. It reduces payment card fraud by increasing security controls that apply to cardholder data, and is a standard expectation from customers.

Data is everything. The mis-handling of customer card data can lead to hefty fines that often catch businesses out when they least expect it, or worse, the termination of the ability to accept card payments. ­

An off-site, expertly maintained online backup solution is the best way to not only ensure compliance, but to guarantee business continuity and protect your reputation in the marketplace.

A blueprint for success in safeguarding customer data, PCI DSS is the industry standard of 12 security requirements to minimise the risk of data theft and fraud. Responsibility of implementing the correct procedures for this security standard falls to the business, not the customer. It is governed by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), with the payments brands and acquirers enforcing compliance.  

Backups of payment card data is imperative to the smooth running of your business. Ignorance will leave companies to violate the standard, but it is easy to ensure conformity to the industry standard.

How can Proxar IT Support help?

Proxar IT Support is an expert in this field. With a top-down approach to network security and testing, we can easily implement online backup solutions on top of our tested and configured protocols that are bespoke to your needs. No generic action can protect a business and its’ data, especially in line with DSS. Firewalls have to be installed, active and maintained to constantly ensure functionality. Separate and robust geographical storage adds a further protective layer against cyber-attacks and fraud, whilst adding to compliance. This is the gold standard of protection and compliance, and should be considered by all businesses. Specific to PCI DSS compliance, protocols such as implementing unique IDs, restricting data access and maintaining access logs are all part of our in-depth processes that allow you to operate your company with peace of mind.

Industry regulators can cause unwanted stress, a breach of payment card data can be catastrophic to your brand image – one that you may never recover from. The correct approach to implementing online backups not only allows your business to operate smoothly, but also solidifies customer confidence.

Anti-virus maintenance, network security, adaptable firewalls and complex encryption standards form the foundation from which Proxar IT Support minimises risk, but the payment card industry data security standard coupled with our remote online backup solution is the adornment of cohesive practises. Many firms are unaware of how easily they could find themselves in violation of the standard. Our offsite backup securely stores data in a location geographically separate to that of the source data.

PCI DSS experts

Our systems, technology, and practices are designed around our tried-and-tested PCI DSS compliant online backup solution. It’s a standard we take seriously and as it evolves we remain at the cusp of change. Our staff have specialist knowledge of the inner workings of cyber-security and PCI DSS compliance that position us as industry experts. Both large and small volumes of card payments need protecting – your customers expect and deserve it, and it’s why so many businesses choose Proxar IT Support.

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