Online Server Backup Service

There has never been a greater need for the very best quality online backup software, and sure enough, here at Proxar IT Support, we use one of the best solutions, which is also very easy to install and set up. Once the online backup software is up and running, the backups will run automatically without you even being aware of them, as they take place overnight and have no effect on the performance of your network. The online backup software encrypts your data before it is sent, while the data recovery process is also incredibly easy, with your data being returned to its desired location with just a few clicks.

Our online backup software is ideal whether critical data has been lost as a result of a hard drive crash, accidental delete, natural disaster, power surge or a dropped or broken laptop. It restores data instantly and provides genuinely secure storage for files. Our online backup software offers comprehensive data protection to cater for disaster recovery needs in both physical and virtual environments. As a managed service provider, you can use the online backup software for the efficient backup of desktops and servers – including SQL, Exchange and other applications – and have them securely replicated to locations both remote and off-site.

As well as backup for virtual and physical machines, our online backup software makes possible swift disaster recovery in VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer environments, making use of the most recent APIs. The data that the online backup software can quickly and easily backup and restore includes applications, configurations, live systems and settings. The data loss and backup window is minimised courtesy of near continuous backup services, while support is provided for all virtual platforms, including Oracle VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen Server and VMware vSphere. Our online backup software provides application aware disaster recovery, with business-critical applications such as MS SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others being deeply integrated.

You can select automatic backup so that important data is backed up at a specified time, with web-based access and restore allowing for the rapid and easy restore, transferral, downloading and sharing of backed up files at any time you wish, and in any location, from a password-protected web page. File transfer allows you to send copies of files between computers, even if different operating systems are being used, while there is also a keyword search feature that makes it possible to use search terms to instantly find backed up files. Files are automatically compressed before they are backed up so that the backup process takes place faster and you save on storage space, while a web-based file management system, Government-grade encryption and even expandable storage are amongst the other features of our backup software.

Contact Proxar IT Support now for more information about our industry-leading online backup software. It’s the ideal solution if you need to ensure that your organisation’s important files are safely backed up to our secure data centres, with the option of instant bare-metal and virtual restore. It allows you to recover files rapidly so that your business suffers from minimal adverse effects as a result of any of a wide range of technical problems.

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