Microsoft Windows Online (Cloud) Backups

Our Windows cloud backups make use of the Microsoft Online Backup Service, which is a service that has been introduced for Windows Server “8” and ensures the safety and security of your server’s backed up data. If you lose critical data as a result of any of a number of possible disasters, you’ll want to be sure that it has been backed up to the cloud and is easy to recover, from any location. That’s precisely what you get when you choose Proxar IT Support’s Windows cloud backups, and you’ll need no upfront hardware costs or resources other than an Internet connection.

The Microsoft Online Backup Service is not only built on the Windows Azure platform, but also stores customer data using Windows Azure blob storage. As a user of Windows Server “8”, you can separately, securely and efficiently transfer data for files and folders to the Microsoft Online Backup Service, using the Microsoft Online Backup Agent that you are able to download. Once the Microsoft Online Backup Agent has been installed, you will be able to make the most of its functionality via the familiar Windows Server Backup interface.

All that you need to do to get started with the Microsoft Online Backup Service on Windows Server “8” is sign up for an account with 10GB of cloud storage, before downloading and installing the Microsoft Online Backup Agent. The Service offers various attractive features to those that are interested in Windows cloud backups. These include simple configuration and management, with a seamless backup and recovery process being provided to the cloud or a local disk. You can configure and monitor Windows cloud backups using the simple user interface, while there is also Windows PowerShell command-line interface scripting capability and the ability to easily recover any data that you have backed up to a given server.

Other major advantages of the Microsoft Online Backup Service include block level incremental backups that minimise bandwidth and storage utilisation, while our Windows cloud backups also involve data being compressed and encrypted on the server before it is sent over the network to the Microsoft Online Backup Service. This means that only encrypted data is stored in the cloud, and with the Microsoft Online Backup Service also not having access to the encryption passphrase, nor is the data decrypted in the service. Users are also able to setup throttling and configure how the network bandwidth is utilised when information is being backed up or restored.

Not only are our Windows cloud backups themselves secure, but once the backups have been done, the data that has been backed up is also automatically checked for integrity. This allows for the easy identification of any corruptions that may have been caused by the data transfer process, with them also being automatically fixed at the time of the next backup. The Microsoft Online Backup Service also offers configurable retention policies for cloud data storage, which means that backups that exceed the desired retention range can be recycled and business policies can therefore be matched and backup costs managed.

All in all, you could barely choose a simpler and more powerful means of having your company’s critical file and folder data protected as a user of Windows Server “8”, with the Microsoft Online Backup Service offering a series of real benefits. Our cost-effective Windows cloud backups ensure the safety and security of your all-important business data, and also make it possible for you to recover it quickly and easily, regardless of the disasters that may strike.  For more information please contact us