Linux Cloud Backups (Online)

You can depend on Proxar IT Support to provide the highest standard of not only Windows cloud backups, but also Linux cloud backups. With the Zmanda Linux Client, you can ensure that your Linux systems have been reliably and cost-effectively backed up and protected, with quick recovery also possible. Seamless integration between Zmanda Linux Clients and the Zmanda Management Console provides administrators with a single intuitive, one-click interface, from which multiple Linux systems can be backed up. You can scale a single Linux backup server to backup and recover Linux-running workstations in their hundreds.

There is no commercial backup and recovery software, other than Amanda Enterprise, that uses open formats for backup images. With the Zmanda Linux Client using the standard tar format, you don’t even need to use Zmanda software to recover your data. As a matter of fact, there are a series of further benefits of choosing Linux cloud backups from Proxar IT Support. Our Linux cloud backups are, for one thing, centralised and scalable, as you can backup many Linux systems to a single master backup server without any worries about the impact on users and applications.

We provide support for simple Linux cloud backups that are full, flexible and incremental. Our Linux cloud backups also use only industry standard open source file formats, such as the tar data format. The Zmanda Linux Client also maintains hard links’ integrity during backups, while support is also provided for the backup of sparse files so that the use of storage media for backups can be optimised. Our Linux cloud backups leave file timestamps unchanged, while the backup process also presents administrators with the choice of including or excluding particular files.

You’ll also want to know about the encryption and compression process that is involved in our Linux cloud backups, and sure enough, we allow you to choose the data that you would like to encrypt, the standard encryption algorithm that is to be used and whether the data should be encrypted on the server or client. Our Linux cloud backups also involve the use of only industry standard compression utilities, with administrators being able to choose the compression algorithm that is best suited to the available data and resources. Again, the option is there to choose either the client or server on which to compress the data. Zmanda Linux Client is also distinguished by the all-encompassing support that it offers for Linux distributions on x86 platform, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Open SuSE, Fedora, Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu.

Contact Proxar IT Support’s friendly and professional team today about our Linux cloud backups and associated details, including ongoing support, pricing, supported operating systems, applications and databases. With our Amanda Enterprise solution, you can look forward to a means of network backup and recovery that is robust, intelligent and surprisingly simple. It is a cost-effective solution that allows for the protection of a wide range of Linux environments, with a single management console, no proprietary file formats and backup to tape, disk or Amazon S3. It all allows for heterogeneous systems and applications to be backed up in a truly centralised fashion.

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