Web Platform Management Outsourcing

It used to be the case that if you wanted your company’s online presence to be created and managed, you could just leave the work to one design agency or development company. These days, however, so layered and complex are organisations’ online presences becoming that an effective online environment cannot be created without the input of designers, developers, project managers, hosts, marketing experts and even an internal project team. This has greatly increased the relevance of, and need for, web platform management outsourcing, whereby organisations contract a website and online environment’s management to a third-party service provider.

Web platform management outsourcing is a service of especially great relevance to the SMEs that are most likely to lack a specific internal team dedicated to web marketing. Proxar IT Consulting specialises in web platform management outsourcing for business websites that is reliable in addition to minimising downtime. We remove the requirement for your company to employ its own IT experts, which means that you don’t have to pay unnecessary wages. Money, after all, is something that you will need an abundance of each year if you are to successfully run a website with high traffic, and our web platform management outsourcing means that you can still have experienced professionals building, managing and supporting your website without you having to fork out a prohibitive amount. What’s more, these professionals still possess the greatest amount of knowledge and experience relating to new IT technologies, hardware and software.

By making use of the web platform management outsourcing services of Proxar IT Consulting, you can rest easy that professionals with years of experience will be responsible for the building, management and support of your website. If something fails to work, we’ll fix it without you having to know and worry about it. We also ensure that your website is accessible on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis with the help of our monitoring platform. The security of your site is another aspect that Proxar IT Consulting places a huge emphasis on, and it is certainly of critical importance to any site, not least given the huge and increasing number of ever-more-sophisticated online attacks. Above all, web platform management outsourcing from Proxar IT Consulting makes your website a successful one.

It is in order to support thousands of daily visits and give you huge bandwidth that Proxar IT Consulting gives your company business infrastructure that is custom built. We design and build your organisation Linux-based infrastructure, making use of the LAMP infrastructure platform. The acronym ‘LAMP’ refers to the Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming application language. LAMP is an open source system that combines high performance with low overheads. You couldn’t hope to find a more widely used open source application development platform right now, with even some of the largest websites, such as Yahoo, choosing to use it. Proxar IT Consulting has the perfect level of expertise in the likes of Apache, Linux and MySQL to make the most of this platform’s possibilities.

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