IT Network Consulting

At Proxar IT Consulting, we specialise in all manner of IT Network Consulting services to ensure that you never need to worry again about the performance and reliability of your firm’s IT network, which is a factor that has such a direct influence on your productivity. By investing in our high quality Network Design services, you can receive the help that you need to ensure that your company is network ready.

Our clients commonly use our IT Network Consulting services during data centre network design process. There are three stages to our network nesign services, which are…

  • Requirements gathering/assessment, which is the stage of the network design process in which we liaise with you and analyse your requirements in order to gain a full and detailed understanding of your capacity, security and objectives; This stage requires professional it project management as well as IT Network Consulting.
  • Documentation and planning, in which we prepare a document that provides you with a comprehensive description of the network design that we intend for your firm. This process takes in everything from picking the right technologies and producing a network diagram to preparing a budget plan and procedures for your network maintenance once it becomes operational;
  • Implementation, which very much explains itself. Cisco Systems is the top vendor of network devices, and here at Proxar IT Consulting, we are Cisco Certified. Therefore we can configure and put them together.

Why would you need IT Network Consulting?

As professionals in design, we will be able to assist you with every aspect of network planning and design, so that your final network meets your company’s exact needs.

We offer expertise in such areas as Data Centre Design and PCI DSS design to ensure that no potential need that you have from your network goes unexplored. PCI DSS is a security standard for e-commerce websites that take online credit card payments and either store or transmit the details to a third party, whilst we are also able to assist you with data centre design so that your own data centre is optimised and delivers general stability, cost-effectiveness and a high level of performance.

Contact Proxar IT Consulting about our network consulting services

Our team here at Proxar IT Consulting can offer you the full set of IT Network Consulting services, including the processes detailed above, or alternatively, we can simply help you with certain phases of a project depending on your company’s exact needs. We help to ensure that your network is of the right capacity, whilst still being able to provide maximum network connectivity under failure conditions.

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