IT Consultancy Services

Proxar IT Technology Consulting is a well-established IT Consultancy company offering data centre design and data centre solutions. We have broad experience and a long list of on-going projects with a significant reputation in the world of systems and network consulting.

IT consultancy companies can be divided into 3 different types:
•    Professional IT consultancy companies
•    Individual engineers
•    Recruitment companies

Of these options, a professional systems and information technology consulting company such as Proxar IT Consulting can provide clients with a comprehensive set of services that are well-tailored to the client’s needs regarding data centre design.

Although recruitment companies may promise to provide you with solutions to your network consulting woes, this is sadly not often the case. Individual engineers may not offer flexibility in terms of resources whilst also having only limited experience and knowledge.

However, nor is it the case that any old IT Consultancy company will necessarily provide the quality of service required. That’s because, in normal circumstances, the contract signed between an IT Consultancy company and its client will not define any deliverables, and will instead merely focus on the price per experts per day.

This means that, on the basis of the content of its own contracts, an IT Consulting company will have no obligations to finish a project on time. As a matter of fact, it’s actually in the best interests of such an IT Consultancy company to continue its relationship with that company for as long as it can, given that doing so is a sure fire way of increasing its revenue.

Compare this situation to the one that you will have when you turn to Proxar IT Consulting. We are one of the only Fixed Fee IT Consultancy Companies, which means that once we have completed an initial audit, we will prepare a proposal that  clearly defines what we can accomplish, including what is and what is not within the scope of the agreement.

Also clearly defined in the document that we present to you will be the deadline and the amount of budget that we will require to accomplish the project. If we accomplish the agreement’s stated aims before the deadline, that will become our bonus, whereas if the project runs for one week after the deadline, we will cover the costs internally. If, as a client, your requirements change, we will prepare a new proposal, or an annex to an existing proposal.

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