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IT infrastructure maintenance is essential for every business, but each business has different network upgrade and network migration requirements.

Sometimes, it is more efficient to apply changes to an existing environment to meet increased capacity or new design objectives. Proxar IT Consulting’s network upgrade services can help your business design, implement and test an extended infrastructure so that, within a short time, you will get the most out of your IT with minimal risk and resources.

For medium and larger infrastructures, it is often more convenient for managers to outsource 24-hour IT monitoring and support.

For smaller infrastructures (less than 30 servers), the most efficient and cost-effective network solution is to use third-party engineers to handle system administration and networking.

IT Network Design

The way we work is that we consult you to identify your IT network requirements, evaluate your specific deployment goals and pinpoint any network upgrade or migration needs you have, in order to meet your business goals.

Our services include full IT network upgrades, migrations and support along with following features: monitoring; changing network configuration; configuring firewalls, routers, load balancers and switches; network troubleshooting and software support and upgrades.

Our network upgrade and modification service involves the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to support automated needs, such as operating systems, applications software, platforms, networks, servers and printers.

Network Security and Monitoring

It also includes systems configuration and security policy information (such as password files, network access rules and implementing files and/or switch setting), plus hardware and software configuration, and documentation that may affect access to the system’s data, programs, and/or processes.

Proxar IT Consulting has a 24/7 monitoring and response team that can provide your business with a stable and reliable IT infrastructure.


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