Exchange Online Backup

There are many ways in which critical information may be exchanged and/or stored within your business, and there’s no question that the emails that are sent between employees, customers and partners can be a key record of tasks or even confidential company information pertaining to commerce, policy decisions or other areas. You will not, therefore, want to lose this data as a result of accidental deletion, hardware failure or even natural disaster. Thankfully, here at Proxar IT Support, we ensure that you won’t lose your emails by providing Exchange Online Backup services, with MS Exchange Server Backup being set up to back up your exchange database.

If your company suffers an email outage, then you are almost certainly also going to lose out on productive time, which is why an Exchange Online Backup solution that ensures business continuity is so important. Our hot backups of your Exchange server allow you to retrieve all or selected emails that may have been deleted or lost. Our MS Exchange Server Backup service allows your MS Exchange Server databases to be backed up in a manner that is secure, fast and reliable – not to mention, easy. Your databases can be backed up and restored without any interruption to the operation of your MS Exchange Server services.

We use Exchange 2010 technologies to ensure that even when the most unexpected events take place, services can continue and data can remain up-to-date. There is, for example, a feature that we offer known as Database Availability Groups, which allows for the replication of Exchange mailboxes to multiple databases in separate data centres. This ensures the easy accessibility of the most up-to-date mailbox data, should a failure occur that affects one of the database copies. Not only do the different data centres have multiple copies of each mailbox database, but they also serve as each other’s backups. Therefore, in the event of one failing, the affected customers experience minimal service interruption, simply being transferred to an alternative data centre.

We offer a number of features as part of our Exchange Online Backup services that help users to restore data after accidental deletion. These include the ability to restore individual items that have been deleted from any email folder, with items that have been deleted being placed in a user’s Deleted Items folder and left there until retention policies lead to their automatic removal, or until they are removed manually by a user. Even once an item has been removed from the Deleted Items folder, it will still be in a Recoverable Items folder for a limited period, from which an administrator can restore it before its permanent removal. There is also a Deleted Mailbox Recovery function, whereby the contents of a mailbox that has been deleted can be recovered for a certain limited time.

Contact Proxar IT Support today about our highly regarded Exchange Online Backup services. We’ll ensure that you can recover your critical email data in the event of the worst happening, by providing you with reliable, professional and cost-effective backup and recovery services. It can be difficult and time-consuming to ensure that your Exchange data is always available, even when accidental deletion or any other failure has occurred. Trust our capable, friendly and responsive team to take the stress out of Exchange online backup management, so that you can have your data easily accessible when you need it.

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