Managed Website Hosting

Has your company developed needs that shared web hosting simply can’t meet? If so then our comprehensive and bespoke managed website hosting services are just the thing for you.

If you have an exceptionally large and complex website to host then it’s definitely worth investing in managed hosting. It’s also a worthy investment if you have high levels of traffic or unconventional security requirements. And when you invest in our managed hosting services, you can enjoy all of the benefits of our dedicated servers, firewalls and network segments.

Bespoke Managed Website Hosting

You can be confident that the managed hosting service that we offer is completely bespoke. And we won’t do anything until we have developed a full understanding of your company’s needs.

This means we’ll get to know your target market and security risk profile. In addition to the size and complexity of your high performance websites and the anticipated load level. We design our bespoke managed hosting service to perfectly match your individual needs. And we’ll deliver a constantly available, high-performing and affordable web hosting solution.

Consumers and businesses alike are becoming increasingly web savvy. So this has led to higher expectations and demands. So if you want to be seen as serious in today’s market, your company must have top class, high performance websites. Because both businesses and consumers will swiftly walk away from a site that is slow, unreliable or poorly designed.

What’s more, Google is now even down-ranking sites that are slower than competitors with the same content, products or services. So if you want to outrank competitors then a bespoke managed hosting solution could be exactly the solution that you need.

Managed Website Hosting and Security

A particularly strong consideration for any company website today is security. And a bespoke hosting solution is the perfect way of meeting your individual security requirements.

At Proxar IT, we use only dedicated and discrete components as part of our managed bespoke hosting solution. And these incorporate your own firewalls and network segments and dedicated servers. This means that we can engineer the appropriate security components that best meet your needs. And we can make sure that your business complies with any regulations such as PCI-DSS.

We’re also happy to provide back-end integration with your IT systems. Whether these are in your office or ones you have hosted elsewhere. As well as this, we’ll provide VPN access to servers when you require it. Our bespoke hosting can also provide further protection for your high performance websites. And this comes in the form of intrusion detection and prevention systems.

The Development Pipeline

Our managed hosting services all come with a minimum of one full development environment. This means that you can thoroughly test new code or experimental content for your sites without any risk to your company reputation. And with this, you also eliminate the risk towards customer experience or SEO.

We engineer the development to the production pipeline. So that when you’re ready to go live, your deployment is an automatic “one touch” to all of your high performance websites. From the start, we engineer fast rollback for all of our clients.

Unlike our competitors that may merely provide support for a single web development framework or platform. We will happily support the product that best meets your high performance websites’ functional and reliability needs.

Managed Hosting That Combines High Performance With Scalability


Our managed website hosting is supported by numerous, high capacity, and rapidly scalable internet connections. This means that our dedicated hardware can accommodate very high loads. Consequently, this means that 100% of your financial outlay is committed to serving your customers’ needs at times of exceptional demand.


Managed Website Hosting Summary

With our bespoke hosting services you can improve your high performance websites by making them bigger, faster and more scalable. In addition to improving scalable storage, peer to peer architectures, stream processing and Google page speed. The latter has a family of tools that allow you to optimize the speeds of high-performance websites.

Here at Proxar It Consulting we can design, build and maintain the best possible managed hosting platform for you if you require high performance websites. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to find out more details about managed website hosting. Whether you are launching a company website or an online store, our website hosting is the right choice for you.