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  • With its office in central London, Proxar IT is well-placed to provide comprehensive IT support services to clients in the capital

  • Protect your business network from attacks and threats with our network security solutions and managed services

  • Private cloud is a particular model of cloud computing that involves a proprietary and secure cloud based environment avvailable only for specified client

  • Partnership with Microsoft, Cisco, Kemp, F5

    Proxar partnership with leading products vendors, and IT technologies providers, allows us to offer you the best available IT solutions at competitive prices.

Cloud Solutions


Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions transform companies by removing the need for expensive in-house hardware and providing access to services online

Online Backups


Online Backups

Having your own data backup solution will not only give you peace of mind but also save you time and money to rebuild your data from scratch

IT Security


IT Security

Our priority is to protect your system from cyber attacks and keep your valuable data safe and secured

Support Packages


Support Packages

Available at the three levels, proactive and managed support packages to eliminate your company technical worries

Network Management


Network Management

Covering all common support and maintenance tasks as well as business-driven changes in the existing data centre environment

IT Project Management


IT Project Management

From simple refreshments to design and implementation of major environments we have your IT project covered

  • Cloud-based access to your business data, apps and desktops on any device, from virtually anywhere
  • Cloud enables all businesses to embrace a mobile workstyle. Our solution provides complete PC-style Desktops-as-a-Service for your applications, data and email, securely delivered over the web
  • Be free to innovate, to react quickly, to seize the moment, with a simple approach to technology
Cloud user relies on sharing a pool of physical and/or virtual resources, rather than deploying local or personal hardware and software. Any solution that allows you to access, transfer and store data over the internet as opposed to your local resources would be identified as a Cloud Service. It is somewhat synonymous with the term ‘utility computing’, as users are able to tap into a supply of computing resource rather than manage the equipment needed to generate it themselves. You don't have to spend large amounts on software and in-house hardware, which has to be serviced, managed, and replaced in the end, anymore. All you need now, to access online services like email, and various business aplication, is internet connection. There is a number of benefits related to cloud computing:
  • Scalability - resources adjustment based on your business requirements
  • Cost effectivenes - you only pay for what you use avoiding under utilization of your hardware and expense of unused capacity
  • Security and reliability - ensured services continuity thanks to services being hosted across multiple servers
  • Flexibility - thanks to cloud services you are able to leverage the enormous IT infrastructures of companies like Microsoft or Google to create an entirely bespoke solution
  • Accessibility - the cloud enables you to access your services from virtually any place with internet connection, making it very easy for employees in various locations to collaborate
After providing comprehensive IT solutions for almost ten years, we’re confident we can help you decide whether cloud solutions would benefit your business. We can help you cut through the cloud technology confusion and make the best decision for your unique business requirements. As many companies you probably, already have systems and tools in place that can be improved or optimised by adding some cloud services. In any situation, Proxar IT can advise on choosing the correct systems and cloud IT solutions to help you with your business goals, as well as how to keep them protected.

What our clients say?

Proxar IT Consulting fixed several long standing system problems that had not been resolved by our previous IT support company.

Rob Rowan
IT Manager

Our network and data centre refresh resulted in a 60% energy saving and 50% performance improvement.

William Green
Company CEO

We had a tight deadline for a green-field site. Proxar IT Consulting delivered on time at a fixed rate contract price.

Abby Stewards
Managing Director

What else we do

  • Charged by the hour, ad-hoc IT support services on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis

  • From audit, to implementation and certification, we can advise you at every stage of the process

  • Standard and bespoke monitoring solutions. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

  • Cloud Backup

    Highly secure, reliable and affordable cloud backup to secure your business critical data

  • Managed Website Hosting

    Whether you are launching a company website or an online store, our hosting is the right choice

  • Design and implementation of secure, scalable and high performance networks