Server Hosting (Physical and Virtual)

There is no question that shared hosting can be the perfect solution for a wide range of companies, particularly on account of its cost-effectiveness and the fact that the relevant management and upgrades tend to be taken care of by the provider. Nonetheless, as your business requirements evolve and the time comes when it is necessary for you to refresh your existing systems, so you are likely to receptive to the opportunity to boost your server’s amount of storage and/or computing power. Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we can source, host and maintain dedicated servers that perfectly meet these needs. This means that unlike as is the case with virtual or cloud platforms, there is no danger of you suffering “no notice” take downs or unexpectedly ending up in a “busy neighbourhood”. We are carrier neutral, simply supplying you with hardware and a license, whilst you, in turn, can install your own choice of operating system and have 100% of the available memory and compute power at your disposal, with no upfront cost or long term commitment to worry about.

Why you should choose dedicated servers from Proxar IT Consulting

Choose dedicated servers from Proxar, and you’ll know that they are ready and available to you whenever you need them. We price our dedicated servers on a monthly basis, and you can immediately acquire more capacity when you need it. We take care of every vital aspect, from sourcing the hardware and hosting it in an ultra-secure, carrier neutral data centre to looking after the licensing element and installing the operating system that you choose. None of our server hardware comes with a long term contract, so you are free to make the alterations that you require to your infrastructure over time as part of your flexible provisioning, without having to fret about losing money. Not that we expect you to leave us any time soon anyway, however, thanks to our high standard of network hardware and customer service.

The full complement of managed services

And of course, a dedicated server wouldn’t be a Proxar IT Consulting dedicated server if it didn’t also come with our famed level of managed service. After all, we will not only happily provide and install your systems, but can also provide whatever other managed services that you may require, from installation services, hardening, patching, audits and backups to management, monitoring, application deployment and various other ad-hoc administration tasks.

The many benefits of a genuinely dedicated server

If you want long term access to the maximum amount of computing power for your business, then a dedicated server is undoubtedly the most best value option. Our flexible provisioning means that you to configure and deploy  your hardware precisely how you want to, safe in the knowledge that there will be no sudden change to neither your server’s load, nor its latency – all to the benefit of your web hosting, email, databases, CRM and BI, management and monitoring tools. With a dedicated server from Proxar, you’ve got a firm foundation on which to build services.

Why not use cloud services instead?

You can achieve faster deployment times by investing in cloud services than by opting for dedicated servers, which naturally begs the question… why not just use Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2? Well, our dedicated servers offer something very different, which is good value compute power on a daily basis. Although it’s perfectly possible to buy constant compute load for day-to-day tasks on a cloud platform, this is actually more expensive than you might imagine, with careful planning and load sharing often being required if you are to be able to achieve a constant service. Virtual cloud servers actually give you access to just a fraction of the compute power that is available to you on dedicated servers, and in the event that the server is “busy” and failing to respond, you are left with no choice but to shutdown and destroy the instance, prior to starting up another one. And alas, this can be quite a frequent problem, given that you do not have exclusive access to the underlying CPU and cannot usually choose your neighbours. Plus, with Proxar, you have the advantage of knowing exactly where your equipment is hosted, how it is protected and the nature of the network architecture. We provide you with an SLA on which you can truly build a company, and nor do we charge exorbitant bandwidth utilisation fees.

Benefit from certainty about your server hardware

We make life easier for you by sourcing high quality hardware from the most highly regarded suppliers in standard configurations. We can also assist you to achieve an exact match for any hardware requirements that you may have from suppliers such as Dell and HP. Indeed, you are able to opt for such internationally renowned rack servers as HP Proliant and Dell PowerEdge Rack, with their famed combination of reliability, efficiency and control. Such a certainty of configuration gives you the freedom to create sensible and dependable plans as far as backups, test and development, disaster recovery, load sharing, migration and live workload redundancy are concerned. We source our dedicated servers exclusively from the EU, and include hardware support from the vendor, rather than after market support from third parties. By investing in dedicated server hosting from Proxar IT Consulting, then, you can be assured of a flexible server that is perfectly suited to your company’s requirements, both now and in the future – as we are happy to discuss with you in case of any difficulty, such as with the process of data centre selection.

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