Cisco Nexus Management

When you invest in the Cisco Nexus platform for your firm, you will naturally expect many benefits to your company, and indeed, the NX-OS operating system and interface give you access to a host of new features and functionality. Nonetheless, the platform will still need to be managed appropriately by network engineers. This may be easier said than done, however, when one considers the rather greater familiarity of many engineers with the IOS and CatOS interfaces that have been used by Cisco on its switches in the past.

NX-OS did not revolve from the Catalyst software, but instead from the SAN-OS code on MDS class equipment. Here at Proxar, we possess the management skills that are so necessary if you are to make the most of the NX-OS software and wider Nexus platform. This includes ensuring the reliable and correct implementation of features at the first attempt.

A high level of NX-OS management

Cisco Nexus hardware is based on the NX-OS software. This software provides a different approach to feature control than the more familiar IOS, and compared to IOS, there are substantial differences in configuration via the Command Line Interface. Proxar IT is able to provide configuration support and management for Cisco Nexus and the NX-OS, and is familiar with both the subtle and more drastic differences between IOS and NX-OS. NX-OS also has features bundled according to licence entitlement, including a base entitlement that extends only to layer 2 features such as VLANs and UDLD. Proxar IT can advise on the licence entitlement that is most suitable for your Nexus deployment, and can provide try-before-you-buy licencing for feature experiments on Nexus hardware.

Extract the maximum value from Cisco Nexus

Proxar IT engineers are qualified to manage a Cisco Nexus platform and can perform the changes and optimisations that your enterprise requires in a datacentre context. Nexus offers a host of features that are simply unavailable on other Cisco and competitor platforms, and if those people that are charged with the management of your Nexus platform lack full exposure to its features, then you may not be able to extract the maximum potential from a Nexus deployment.

The implementation of changes following an agreed procedure, both on schedule and in a technically correct manner, is a core objective of the Proxar IT team, and we endeavour to exceed expectations with every engagement with our clients. Our approach to Nexus management is no different, and our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in our support of the platform.

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