You want to get the most out of your Cisco networks. You want them to run as well as they can, for as long as they can. To achieve that, you’ll need high quality Cisco network support and maintenance.
Proxar IT Consulting delivers premium Cisco network support in London as well as the whole UK, to keep your network operating reliably while decreasing your network risks and safeguarding your infrastructure. All our engineers are trained and experienced with Cisco products, meaning they can resolve common problems quickly and easily, and often, even identify potential issues before they become a problem and nip them in the bud.
In addition to this dedicated support, we also provide regular maintenance to your Cisco network. In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Cisco products face regular updates. While Cisco offers support for its newest generation, previous generation of assets are often left behind, leaving you at a loss when it comes to repairing and maintaining them.


Cisco network support services

Proxar IT Consulting can provide regular maintenance to extend the life of your equipment past its warranty date, offering maintenance and support to help you get the most out of your equipment for longer. In doing so, we reduce the overall cost of your assets, offering better value in comparison to purchasing support and maintenance through your data centre provider and to the cost of regularly upgrading or purchasing new assets. As an added bonus, regular support and maintenance also delivers sustainability value: by extending the life of your equipment, you’re playing your part to reduce consumption of precious materials!
With your network underpinning all of your business functions, don’t take the risk of getting its support and maintenance wrong. Trust Proxar IT’s team of Cisco trained experts to deliver a better-performing, better value network for your UK business.
We offer 30-day rolling contracts where you can trial our network support and management solution without commitment, restrictive clauses, or hidden penalties. Why? We’re so confident that our expertise, speedy resolutions, and quality of service speaks for itself that we simply don’t need to tie in our customers.
Get in contact with Proxar IT Consulting today to see for yourself!