Cisco Nexus Consultancy

Are you looking for qualified engineering resources that are capable of services in both design and deployment as they relate to the renowned Cisco datacentre technology, Nexus? If you are, then you have found the right consultancy here at Proxar, as we are able to provide specialists that are highly qualified and that possess a high level of experience in both existing and greenfield Cisco Nexus deployments. Such hands-on experience extends to the hardware and features of Cisco Nexus, in addition to the NX-OS operating system, all of which makes Proxar hard to ignore as a company to implement your Nexus deployment.

Cisco Nexus implementation planning

New and upgraded datacentre switching capabilities are a considerable investment, and implementation planning and support are critical to unlocking all of the benefits that the Cisco Nexus platform can bring. Proxar IT Consulting has the specialist expertise that is required if you are to successfully plan a Nexus deployment, in addition to the surrounding dependencies such as cabling, power and cooling. Cisco Nexus has some unusual options – for instance, using twinax cabling to enable high-speed short-run inter-switch connections – which, if incorporated into the design from day one, can save substantially on implementation and running costs. Unlike those of many companies, our planners are fully aware of such features. This allows you to truly realise the benefits of the advanced Nexus platform.

Specialised Cisco Nexus support

Nexus is not merely an evolution from the existing Catalyst range of switches and switch/routers. Nexus has been designed, from the ground up, for just one job: datacentre switching in the era of heavily virtualised workloads. Cisco now recommends only Nexus for datacentre workloads, and designates the traditional datacentre workhorse, the 6500 series, as a campus device. Given its pedigree as a product that has been designed solely for the datacentre, Nexus does not run the IOS interface so familiar to tens of thousands of Cisco certified engineers. Instead, Nexus runs NX-OS, which is derived from storage line SAN-OS. Real-world exposure to NX-OS is still unusual among network engineers, which is why it is so fortunate that Proxar IT Consulting has the expertise that is required in order to support NX-OS, and that is available to our clients now.

Cisco Nexus consulting of the highest order

Nexus hardware is a new design, and as such, differs from its Catalyst predecessors in significant ways. Top of rack switching is no longer a stand-alone device, instead being an integrated part of the Nexus fabric. Proxar IT consultants are aware of considerations such as air flow patterns, appropriate use of twinax to support SFP+ Direct Attach, rack mounting options and other choices that are vital to ensuring the optimal layout of Cisco Nexus hardware in the datacentre. Nexus is capable of micro second switching, even across multiple devices, but to achieve the highest levels of performance, attention must be paid to keeping cable runs short. Similarly, when you are planning 10 GB deployments, you will require high grade optical fibre, and it is recommended to incorporate this into the plan prior to the deployment of structured wiring.

Proxar offers a full service that encompasses both physical and logical considerations in the planning of your Cisco Nexus deployment.

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