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As the world of technology moves increasingly towards cloud-based solutions, so too are data centres. While on-premise or hybrid infrastructures remain common, entirely virtual data centres are a more modern alternative. Offering the capabilities of traditional data centres, IT virtualization is a scalable solution allowing UK businesses to deploy additional infrastructure resources when needed without procuring, configuring, and maintaining any physical appliances. As a result, virtualized data centres can boast greater flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.


Of course, it’s important to note that virtual data centres are leased in the cloud rather than being purchased and owned outright by the business, as is the case with physical infrastructure. As a result, virtual data centres are shared with other customers if you opt for a public cloud deployment, opening a new security risk.

It’s possible to avoid this security risk by opting for a private cloud, where you have exclusive use of a cloud. This private cloud may be physically located within your on-site data centre in London, or hosted elsewhere by a third party. However, this extra security comes at a cost: private clouds are often less flexible and more costly than virtual clouds, particularly if you need to purchase the initial infrastructure.

In any data centre, security is paramount. For virtual centres, cloud security solutions are vital.

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