Professional Cisco Consulting

For businesses of various sizes across the South East of England, the products and services of the networking giant Cisco play an imperative role in ensuring the smoothness of their operations. A network that is fast, functional and secure is a bare minimum these days for all manner of firms, but this dependence on Cisco routers, switches, servers and more does bring one other need: that for the highest standard of professional Cisco consulting.
With Cisco networks no longer a luxury for even many small firms, if you want to ensure that your own company’s infrastructure always operates optimally and is firmly in tune with your current business requirements, then you’ll want a complete and utterly professional Cisco consulting service from a truly reputable company.
Proxar IT Consulting is that company. Not only are we accredited suppliers of Cisco products, but our engineers also benefit from training and certification in all aspects of Cisco networks. It means that whether you require the maintenance of your network, or indeed for it to be repaired, extended and/or upgraded, you can expect a consistently unparalleled standard of professional Cisco consulting from us. 

The configuration and installation of firewalls and routers 

There’s no doubt that the router has a significant role to play in the livelihood of many modern businesses. It may be just one product of the many sold under the Cisco banner, but it is vital for communications across modern-day networks, serving as a map or sat nav of sorts for your infrastructure. Invest in router installation and configuration from Proxar IT Consulting, and you can help your whole network to operate free of problems.
Only with considerable skill can a router be installed and configured, and our experts in professional Cisco consulting have that skill and knowhow, including in the entire Cisco router portfolio. But your firewall, too, is imperative, providing that first line of defence when your network security comes under threat. Again, our Cisco certified consultants can help to ensure that your firewall does its job, detecting and deflecting all undesirable traffic and protocols. 

Ensure the high availability of your Cisco network 

There’s only so much load that a single router, switch or firewall is capable of taking – sooner or later, the need arises to add devices so that the required base level of network reliability can be maintained. It is at such a stage that you are also likely to take an interest in the load balancing and high availability techniques that can be applied to your network by the experts in professional Cisco consulting at Proxar IT Consulting.
Such techniques allow you to scale up your network so that a required traffic level can be met, all while ensuring that availability remains at its very highest level. Even as our engineers carry out their work, they can configure your network in such a way that it remains up and running during the upgrading of software or swapping out of critical parts – something much-valued by the companies that can least afford any disruption to their business. 

Upgrades, troubleshooting and advanced consulting 

Has your network hit upon technical problems that are damaging your business productivity, or has the time come for an upgrade to be carried out? Whatever your needs, they’re covered by our professional Cisco consulting. Even when there are components in your network that Cisco did not manufacture, we can diagnose issues and make the right upgrade decisions.
Alternatively, you may turn to us for the implementation of advanced features – perhaps boundary management with BGP, or layered networks with VRF. You may even approach us about the design of a very large network. Again, in this instance, we can provide professional Cisco consulting that is perfectly in tune with your needs, drawing on various switches, routers and firewalls supplied by Cisco.