IT Consulting in US and EU

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we provide IT Consultancy and Network Design services for companies not only in the UK, but also in various countries across Europe and the United States. We offer ad-hoc IT Consulting and an IT presence in the UK for companies that are actually based outside the UK, as well as the opposite – an IT presence outside the UK for those firms that are based in the UK.

The IT Support UK that we offer to companies based outside the UK is invaluable for a number of reasons. If you run such a company, you may have faced a number of obstacles when the time has come for you to design a second data centre in Europe or the US. The difference in time zones presents obvious difficulties, but there are also various other technical and non-technical aspects that differ, including the Internet service provider and staff that you are required to choose, in addition to the nature of the data centre itself.

So, how can Proxar IT Consulting help?

Well, we can assist you by providing you with a comprehensive set of IT Solutions USA and Europe to help your company towards achieving its objectives. Whether you require ad-hoc IT Consultancy, Network Design services or instead full project management, you can depend on us to help you to build or upgrade your network, to the point where it delivers a constantly high level of performance.

Alternatively, of course, it may be the case that your company is based in the UK and that you are trying to build data centre networks outside the UK… and there are certainly several good reasons that you may choose to do so. Your company may be in an industry, for example, that can’t charge VAT, such as online gambling, in which case you may choose to set up another entity in Guernsey, Spain or Malta from where you can host your network. These are regions where you won’t be charged VAT, of course, so this arrangement eradicates the problem of losing money on VAT that you are unable to reclaim.

Or it may be the case that you are running a company in the finance industry that relies on very low latency when trading, which you may ensure by setting up multiple data centres in various countries, as latency is normally reduced when you reduce the distance from a data centre to an end user. Finally, you may also build a data centre outside the UK as an otherwise UK-based company if you provide services or products to various other countries. Such a strategy helps to improve the performance of your website for customers around the world, and has been adopted by such internationally renowned corporations as eBay and Amazon.

Again, if you are a UK company that wishes to develop its overseas data centre network, we can provide you with a higher standard of service than will be offered by foreign IT companies. Whether you seek to base your data centre in Europe, the UK or the United States, it will require a high standard of strategy, planning, documentation and implementation, in addition to regular audits… and our IT Consulting services cover all of these bases.

But of course, the completion of your new data centre – whether in or out of the UK, and whether for a company in or out of the UK – is only the start of the process. Every data centre network, after all, requires management, monitoring and maintenance, which is where our network management and maintenance services here at Proxar IT Consulting come in useful. Helping you to maintain your data centre is a 24/7 network monitoring and support team that has expertise in most aspects of data centre networking and the administration of Linux or UNIX systems. The result is highly effective and economical IT support UK, US or Europe that keeps your IT infrastructure stable and reliable.

We have established a strong track record with our services in IT consulting in the US, Europe (Germany, Malta, France and Finland) and UK – Proxar IT Consulting.