Cisco Consultants in Kent

Do you run a medium to large business in Ashford, Maidstone or another part of Kent, and depend significantly on the networking products of Cisco? This is certainly the case for an increasingly large number of firms across the country, with a functional, fast and secure network now vital for even fairly small companies. On occasion, however, you may need assistance with your network infrastructure, which is why you may contact Proxar IT Consulting about Cisco consulting in Kent. 

This contact would not necessarily be due to a technical issue that has just arisen, although our engineers are certainly renowned when it comes to short notice Cisco troubleshooting and the fuss-free resolution of problems. You may also contact us so that you can ensure the best possible configuration of your router or firewall, or an upgrade may be required for your network. We can also offer general support and maintenance, or integrate especially advanced Cisco features. 

Whatever your exact reason for getting in touch with us about Cisco consulting Ashford, Maidstone or Kent, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we are Cisco accredited suppliers and employ Cisco Certified experts, engineers and designers. 

Do you have a technical issue or require an upgrade? 

For many companies, the reason for their initially getting in touch with us is clear: they have a network problem that, if severe, may be compromising their ability to trade. But even if you are presently dealing with only a minor issue, you will be thankful for the intervention of our professionals in Cisco consulting Maidstone. After all, you can ill-afford such minor problems now to reach a critical level later. 

As we work to identify the cause of a problem and apply industry best practice in our resolution of it, you may also want to ask us about network upgrades. These are inevitably needed from time to time, whether you have plans to grow your company, are relocating or are experiencing an unexpected spike in network demand. Our IT consultants carefully consider current and future capacity demands and the type and volume of data flows, before recommending and subsequently implementing the upgrades that are best-suited to your needs. 

From the installation and configuration of firewalls and routers to load balancing 

Do you want to get the initial setup of your router absolutely correct? If so, it’s a good idea to get in touch with our experts in Cisco consulting Maidstone, as it’s far from a simple task. Routers have the role of moving network traffic in the right direction, and hence have an imperative role to play in your Cisco network infrastructure – as does your firewall, which fends off network-based threats, keeping your perimeter secure. Our consultants can install and configure firewalls and routers so that they cater well for your current business requirements. 

Another invaluable service that we offer is load balancing. Simply put, if your current equipment cannot handle the load levels that your network is now experiencing, it is sensible to add more devices as part of the scaling up of your infrastructure. As this process is carried out, you’ll want to ensure that the extended network can meet the required traffic levels while maintaining the highest levels of availability. Our proven load balancing and high availability techniques achieve exactly that. 

The highest standard of 24/7 Cisco consulting in Kent 

Wherever your business is based in Kent, if you encounter crippling issues with your Cisco network infrastructure that stunts your ability to trade, our engineers can help out – at any time of the day or night. We can even implement more advanced features or provide general monitoring and management. 

Contact Proxar IT Consulting now, for more information on what our Cisco consulting Ashford could do for your firm.