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How quickly CISCO has been transformed from unknown then a luxury to essential. Few businesses can now survive without a secure, functional and fast network. Cisco network equipment lies at the core of the UK’s enterprise and carrier networks and also reaches small business installations. Cisco network consulting is placed at the heart of our services. We understand that reliable and practical networks are necessary if any other IT service or system is to thrive. Not only are we Cisco accredited suppliers, but our consultancy services also give you access to Cisco trained and certified engineers, experts and designers. This capable and enthusiastic team, will consistently provide services, in Cisco network consulting, that can maintain, repair, upgrade or extend your network to the highest standard.

Firewall and router configuration and installation

Essential to business are highly rated services in firewall and router configuration and installation, with both routers and firewalls playing vital roles in your company’s health and livelihood. Routers, for example, are vital for almost all communications on current-day networks, playing the role for networks as satnavs and maps do for roads. Firewalls are key security feature like the locks on our houses and constitute the first line of defence against network based threats to your company.

Both these areas require true industry expertise if you are to extract the most value. To obtain the initial set-up of your router correctly so it operates in an optimal, trouble-free way, it is certainly not a simple, “plug and play” process to do so. Proxar are experts in router installation and configuration. We can offer an appropriate level of CISCO consultancy support so that once a new build or upgrade has been performed, your business can be swiftly back up and running. It takes a great amount of skill to install and configure a router – skill that Proxar’s router configuration and installation consultants routinely demonstrate. What’s more, our experts have expertise across the full portfolio of Cisco routers, including branch, small business, mobile Internet routers and many more.

The appropriate arrangement, installation and configuration of your firewall will ensure your perimeter is genuinely secure, allowing you to focus on your core business with confidence. When you invest in a robust firewall installation and configuration your network will receive the data it needs, while all unwanted traffic and protocols are detected and deflected. You can also enjoy a rapid installation process that ensures maximum function, from consultants who are Cisco certified. Proxar will ensure firewall configuration will never be ill-matched as your business requirements change.

Load balancing and advanced Cisco consultancy

As a single firewall, router or switch only handles a limited amount of load, many businesses will naturally require a greater number of devices to deliver the highest standard of network reliability. This is where the load balancing and high availability techniques of Proxar’s consultants can prove so invaluable, helping your business network to scale up to handle the required levels of traffic, while retaining truly high availability. We even develop bespoke configurations that keep your network up and running as we upgrade your software or swap out critical parts. Our professionals in Cisco network consulting have a high level of experience in the development of practical solutions and the implementation and maintenance of Cisco networks that are as scalable as they are available.

We also provide a high standard of advanced Cisco network consulting, developing and implementing Cisco networks with any advanced features you may require. For example: features include layered Cisco networks with VRFs, boundary management with BGP and very large network designs, many of which are supported by various Cisco switches, routers and firewalls. Most companies appreciate a fairly simple network that nonetheless incorporates all of the required Cisco-supported advanced features, without any superfluity – which is precisely the focus of our network consulting experts.

Support and management for your Cisco networks

A key requirement in the support and management of your Cisco networks is assistance with network upgrades. Network troubleshooting is also offered from consultants who can even deal with components not manufactured by Cisco. We employ engineers capable of configuring your network to deliver the necessary performance levels, and who are experienced in applying both careful capacity planning and methodical working to network troubleshooting.

There are few things more frustrating – or financially disabling- than having a network not covered for out of hours problems. That’s why you will appreciate Cisco consultancy and support which is available all day, every day. We employ engineers who can monitor equipment for Cisco networks, but who can also watch over any third party services required by your network, e.g . telco services and ISP links.

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