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There’s no question that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) serves a very worthy and important goal – as well as that online businesses that are affected by it must take every available measure to ensure compliance, for both legal and business reasons. Any business that accepts card payments is required to comply with PCI DSS, a standard with an instrumental role in preventing customers’ card data getting into the wrong hands.

Do you own a business and sometimes end up pulling your hair out because of computer related problems that arise you have no clue how to solve? If so then you aren’t the first and you certainly won’t be the last. Whilst technology is an excellent thing and computers make our working lives that much easier. We have become dependant upon them and if something goes wrong then it can really affect your working day in an negative way. This inevitably causes huge amounts of undue stress, anxiety and potential loss of profit.

Whether you are a small or medium size business we know that you have expert knowledge within your business field, however, if this doesn’t relate to anything computer related and you have problems with your own IT system do you have a back up plan? A computer system like many things is one of those areas that you always expect to be working and can severely effect your business if your servers go down, or you have some other IT related problem which forces you to shift from the main focus of pushing your business forwards.

When you are looking to enter a relationship with an IT support company, you won’t want that company to be detached from your exact requirements – instead, you’ll want it to build its services around them. Similarly, many medium to large firms are reassured by their IT support partner being local, with engineers who are constantly available and able to visit the client’s premises in person, if required. Certainly, the situation is no different with local Cisco consulting.