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Across London and Kent, there are medium to large companies dependent on the products and services of Cisco, from switches, routers, accessories and access points to servers, application networking services, interfaces and modules – with any compromise in performance and uptime causing disproportionate damage to day-to-day productivity.

Proxar: a leading provider of Cisco consulting services in London and Kent

It still seems only a short time ago, when even medium to large organisations only needed a fairly rudimentary network. Today, the situation is drastically different for any firm that wishes to be truly productive and competitive, with Cisco networking products so often at the forefront. At the same time, the need has arisen across the South East of England for related support services, with Proxar IT Consulting responding in kind, now being a leading specialist in Cisco consulting London.

Among the benefits of our IT Outsourcing and Managed Services you can find efficiency, security and quick response time. What many companies don’t realise is that setting up a team that will manage the data centre network is not only related to hiring the right staff. It also consists of setting up a proper Network Operations Centre with numerous procedures, policies and facilities like monitoring, 24/7 technical support with a helpdesk and reporting just to name a few.

Here at Pro IT Support, we understand that running a business and dealing with IT related issues are completely different, however, the latter can have a severe affect on your business day if you are experiencing IT issues. That’s why we offer superb server support packages to make sure you never need to worry about your IT system again.

Welcome to Pro IT Support, home to a leading server support London company. If you are experiencing issues with your server which is resulting in downtime then we know how much stress this can add to the day to day running of your business.