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Historically, Cisco has acquired firewall technology in 1995 during acquisition of Network Translation. For years Cisco PIX appliances were one of the most popular firewalls in the world, until it was replaces by Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance in 2005. Eventually, Cisco announced end-of-sale for PIX in 2008.

Adaptive Security Appliances introduced significant performance improvements, new security features as well as Cisco ASDM (Adaptive Security Device Manager). ASA devices can be extended by additional security modules that can provide extended layer of protection mostly designed for data centre networks. IPS (Intrusion Protection System) is often being used first line of defence for DOS and DDOS attacks which are very common in many industries including online gambling and media.

Some of our clients have experienced outages during the DOS/DDOS attacks due to lack of capacity on a security appliance. The main benefit of upgrading to a new series of Cisco ASA 5500-X devices is increased performance. VPN Throughput, maximum number of connections, connections per second as well as IPS throughput are significantly increased.

Consulting Services with 24/7 NOC and Network Monitoring.

Starting as of 2010, number of companies decided to utilise IT Outsourcing as a more efficient way of managing their networks. In a medium size business having a 24 Network Operation Centre is rather expensive exercise, which involves preparing procedures and hiring new staff.

Proxar IT Consulting is a leader in network, system and security consultancy services in UK. Our Company has a broad range of services for enterprise and data centre networks including Network Operations Centre (NOC), Cisco Network Support, Red Hat Linux Support and Network Security.

Since Proxar IT Consulting was formed in 2008, we have been focusing on IT Project Management,  Cisco Network Consultancy and Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Consultancy. As a fast growing company, we have had to adapt dynamically to the changing needs of the market and so, when we realised that our clients required more services than we were capable of delivering, we started providing Information Security, Network Security and Cisco Nexus Services.

Proxar IT Consulting was recently selected to perform a Data Centre network audit and upgrade for a new client based in London.

As a result of the audit, it was recommended to upgrade the client’s Cisco ASA Firewalls to avoid potential capacity issues that had been identified and to improve network security.