Nobody wants to have to invest in firewall configuration, any more than they want to have to use locks on their homes, but the reality is that network-based threats to damage or steal from your business have been around for as long as the Internet itself, and are here to stay. That means that you’ll have to keep your perimeter secure with the benefit of the highest standard of firewall configuration, which is the first line of defence for any company IT security.

Level Up Your IT

When you are seeking a firewall configuration and installation consultancy in the UK, however, you’ll need to choose one that ensures that your network receives the data that is required at the same time as detecting and deflecting unwanted traffic and protocols. We employ certified consultants in Cisco firewall configuration that work hard to ensure a quick and functional installation, and that can ensure that your firewall configuration continues to match your requirements even as your business requirements change and develop.

The importance of firewalls

We live in a modern, interconnected world in which firewalls play a critical role. Without the right firewall configuration, your company is defenceless in the face of all manner of attacks from the wider Internet. At its most basic, you can expect a firewall to provide basic port-level blocking, although you can expect rather greater sophistication than this from a Cisco firewall configuration, as it can incorporate such features as VPN support, content filtering, adaptive threat detection and migration and stateful traffic control. Not only do we provide services in Cisco firewall installation, but we also offer ongoing configuration and support across the full range of Cisco firewall features.

Firewalls as enablers

Although it is the primary role of a firewall to prevent unwanted access to your network, a Cisco firewall configuration can also provide termination points for Virtual Private Networks, in the process becoming network extenders. As a result, you can not only use your firewall as an access blocking device, but can also push your private network securely out to remote offices or home or mobile workers, and enable business partners to connect back into your network. By getting in touch with Proxar’s consultants in firewall configuration, you can soon have a truly efficient, distributed network that makes full use of Cisco firewalls.

Firewall installation

An ill-judged firewall configuration can leave your network exposed to attack, or hamper the efficient functioning of your business. Proxar offers comprehensive support relating to your firewall configuration and installation, starting with a process of thorough information gathering to build a collection of rules and functions so that you can be assured of your Cisco network security appliance delivering the best possible service and value. As we provide consultancy from qualified and certified Cisco engineers, you should be assured of correct configurations that have been designed and applied with minimum fuss. We aim to ensure your complete satisfaction with your Cisco firewall configuration, from the day it is installed.

Cisco Firewall Configuration

Business requirements can change constantly, which is why, as they do, you may want to make a change in your firewall configuration to match. You may wish to provide or use Internet accessible services or set up new VPNs with partners, which are just two examples of the kind of things that will necessitate a change in your Cisco firewall configuration. Our firewall configuration consultants are based in London and have the expertise to ensure that your appliances come with the correct protections, whilst your business develops and expands. We know that the ongoing maintenance of your firewall configuration that can be complex, which is why we use all of our diligence, care and skill to ensure that you have the right device, at the right time and with the right rules and capabilities.

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