There is a famous quote often attributed to Desiderius Erasmus – “Prevention is better than cure”. We strongly believe in this mantra at Proxar. We are never standing still; in the ever-changing world of IT we are always looking to move forward. We believe it is vital that we are pro-active in our approach. Continuously finding ways to improve our UK clients’ way of working, and with it their productivity.  This is not to say that our team are not also reactive but working pro-actively can remove potential risks before they occur.

We have recently seen an example of exactly why we believe so strongly in pre-planning and being pro-active.

Tuesday 15th September 2020

Tuesday 15th September a power outage occurred within our Data Centre in Byfleet UK. One of our rack mount Power Distribution Units (PDUs) encountered an issue and lost power for a noteworthy period of time.  Whilst outages are not desirable, sadly it is a fact that they can occur for a variety of reasons, so we must be prepared.

The duration of the outage totalled 28 minutes. Due to the Proxar way of thinking, being pro-active, the Data Centre infrastructure was designed and configured to negate risks. Such is the design that none of our clients in London area encountered any downtime at all, not even for a split second. Within our Data Centre, the majority of our servers have two power supplies.  To further reduce the risk, each of those two power supplies is then connected to a different PDU. By utilising two power supplies, we are able to ensure that the power for each server is distributed evenly across the PDUs. This means any such failure will not result in downtime as the second PDU continues to supply power the server so as to ensure it remains functional.

There are cases where some servers cannot have a split power supply, and we do have a handful that only utilise one power supply within our Data Centre.  As a result of thorough pro-active preparation by our networking team, the infrastructure has been incredibly well-thought-out.  Our networking team designed the infrastructure has with resiliency in mind.  If there are any issues with these servers, a secondary server will kick in and take over.  Everything we do in our work is with our clients at the forefront of our thoughts. We know that they rely on us to ensure that their network and systems remain highly available so that they can concentrate on the daily business – by being pro-active we create solutions to help shape their successes.


28 minutes


0 minutes

Pro-active pre-planning prevents poor performance. Seeing the bigger picture is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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