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In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, businesses need robust solutions that enhance security, scalability, and efficiency. Windows Server 2022 is the thirteenth and current major long term servicing channel (LTSC) released on August 18, 2021. Let’s explore how this powerful server operating system can empower London-based Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to thrive.

  1. Advanced Multi-Layer Security
    Security remains a top concern for businesses. Windows Server 2022 addresses this by introducing new security capabilities:

Secured-Core Servers: These servers provide multi-layer security across hardware, firmware, and the operating system. By leveraging the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 and System Guard, Windows Server 2022 minimizes risks from firmware vulnerabilities.
Virtualization-Based Security (VBS): Features like Credential Guard and Hypervisor-protected code integrity enhance security. Credential Guard protects sensitive assets, while HVCI prevents malware tampering.
Secured Connectivity: improves connection security with faster, more secure encrypted HTTPS and TLS 1.3 by default.

  1. Seamless Azure Integration
    MSPs can leverage Azure capabilities to manage, secure, and govern Windows Server 2022:

Azure Arc: Easily manage on-premises, edge, or multi-cloud environments from within Azure. Employ Azure Policy, Azure Monitor, and Azure Defender for enhanced control.
File Server Connectivity: enhances connectivity between on-premises and Azure file servers. Use the Storage Migration Service to migrate data while maintaining low latency.

  1. A Flexible Application Platform
    Windows Server 2022 offers improvements for Windows Containers:

Reduced Container Image Size: Faster download times and better performance due to smaller container image sizes.
Kubernetes Support: Simplified Windows Container experience with Kubernetes, including host-process containers, IPv6 support, and consistent network policy implementation.
Containerizing .NET Applications: Windows Admin Center makes it easy to containerize .NET applications. Host them on Azure Container Registry and deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service.
Windows Server 2022 isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a strategic move for MSPs. By embracing its security features, seamless Azure integration, and flexible application platform, London-based MSPs can unlock new business opportunities and stay ahead in the competitive IT sector.