IT Outsourcing

Proxar IT Consulting have our very own IT Outsourcing service.  The benefits of using IT Outsourcing includes increased productivity, reducing risk, staying compliant, improved security but also skilled expertise from passionate IT experts.  Our IT Outsourcing service consists of the following key categories: 

  • Engineers acting on behalf of your company 
  • End User support 
  • Remote Hands 
  • Fully managed IT services 
  • Full network support 
  • Cloud Services support 

Engineers acting on behalf of your company: 
Whether you are looking for someone to attend meetings with 3rd party companies representing your business, to dealing with those IT questions or making notes all the way through to consultancy services, Proxar IT Consulting can help – our experienced Cloud Consulting team are just a call away.  

End User Support: 
If you have a number of users whom are working from a temporary location or if you are struggling finding that right person to join your IT department and require part time or temporary onsite IT cover for internal IT absence or even just assistance, or if you are looking to outsource your IT but want to see how it would work before making that jump, Proxar IT Consulting have the Engineers for you.   

Remote Hands: 
Our Remote Hands IT Outsourcing / subcontracting service is ideally suited for those businesses which have Staff, Offices, Cloud Solutions or Data Centres in multiple locations (or even different countries).   
We understand that one of the biggest issues in IT is struggling to keep up with business growth due to time constraints, resource availability and/or budgets.  We are focused on aiding you keeping systems running so that you can focus on the core business functionality.  Proxar IT Consulting have a range of different IT Engineers with a multitude of different certifications so depending on the skillset required, we have level 1, 2 and 3 Engineer are not only reliable, honest and experienced, it will be done right first-time round.  Our Remote Hands service is perfect for the following: 
– Connecting up equipment:  PCs, Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Printers, Scanners, Franking Machines, UPS 
– Diagnosing physical issues: Network connectivity between ports, equipment which won’t turn on 
– Replacing components: Server, Workstation 
– Networking Hardware Remote Hands: Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Load Balancers, Wireless Access Points, NAS, SANs 
– Comms Room Remote Hands: Patching cables, mounting equipment within a Rack 

Fully Managed IT Services: 
Do you require fully managed IT Services for your business by way of an IT Support helpdesk which is fully manned and able to assist with not only support requests and questions but also problems and fixes as well as proactive monitoring of network devices?  We offer fixed fee pricing for a wide range of different support, without any of those hidden support costs for IT support services in the form of 3 different support tiers (Silver, Gold and Platinum).  For more information, please see our Managed IT Services 
Full Network Support: 
Proxar IT Consulting don’t just manage and support Users, PCs Desktops and Servers.  We provide support and management for all of your IT needs ranging from physical and virtual Networks, complex Firewall rules, to the more sophisticated and advanced high-end enterprise support such as high availability networks and failover as well as disaster recovery planning to get the most out of your IT.  With managed Licensing and consultancy being just a few of the other services we provide.  If there is something which you are wanting to achieve with your IT systems our team can provide you with constructive professional advice and recommendations with cost to implement.      
Cloud Services Support: 
Cloud Technologies are becoming ever increasingly more popular, with many businesses choosing to move multiple services such as Email, Server Hosting, SQL Databases, Online Cloud backup solutions and now most importantly data, it is now imperative that the data remains accessible but secure with high availability always.  Our IT Outsourcing Support management now tends to incorporate both on-premise IT support as well as Cloud support requiring Cloud expertise.  If your business requires Cloud Services support or hybrid Cloud Services support, this is what we do!  Our support help desk work with the latest Cloud technologies and services daily dealing with hundreds of queries and issues each and every week, this therefore means you can rest assure that you will be in safe hands using Proxar IT for any Cloud technology Services.  For more information please see the Cloud Services which we provide