Countering Typical Business Challenges with Professional IT Support North London Services

Technology has permeated every part of society, and businesses are no exception. It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete without leveraging technology in business. Businesses located on the edge of the City of London financial district in North London that have embraced technology rely on their IT infrastructure to support the technology they use. You are likely already using services like cloud backups and remote file sharing in your business. However, IT infrastructure, software, and services run into issues that need IT professionals to untangle them.

These nagging issues can range from typical to significant, and cost businesses time, customers, sales, and revenue. To ensure they do not, every business should either have a dedicated IT team or hire the services of an IT management company. The former can be expensive, while the latter provides businesses numerous benefits by solving typical and the most nagging IT challenges businesses face.

So, what kind of business challenges can an IT support North London company help you solve? We will cover this below.

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Protection Against Cyber Crime

In the past, personal computers used to be prime targets for viruses and malware. These days, you do not hear about this as much. Why? Because malicious actors have turned their focus on businesses. They understand that encrypting or stealing a single user’s data is less profitable than attacking a server containing the personal and other important details of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of users.

A survey by the UK government found that about 31% of businesses and 26% of charities reported attempted or successful cybersecurity breaches in 2021. Successful beaches lead to massive monetary losses as businesses try to get their data back and patch the vulnerabilities that malicious actors leveraged to compromise their systems. Additional effects include loss of productivity and delays in the delivery of tasks and projects, especially for teams that rely on their servers for collaboration and remote tasks.

Cyberattacks targeting small and medium businesses are on the rise. It is no longer a matter of if but when malicious actors will target your business. With these attacks getting more sophisticated, installing antivirus or anti-malware software on your server or computers is no longer enough. What you need is an IT support North London team taking proactive measures to keep malicious actors out and to know whether your infrastructure is under attack so they can take the appropriate actions.

Implementing Modern Data Backup Strategies

Data has become increasingly important for businesses in recent years. Businesses now use big data alongside data analytics to understand customers, forecast sales and revenue, assess productivity and make data-driven decisions about their futures. It would be devastating for many businesses to lose their data or be unable to access it.

In addition to putting the best cybersecurity measures in place, an IT support North London team will implement modern data backup solutions and strategies. These strategies include taking regular backups of your data and storing it offsite and in infrastructure not connected to your primary infrastructure.

Suppose your data is encrypted by ransomware, lost due to a hardware or server misconfiguration, destroyed in a fire or lost in a hurricane. In these cases, their offsite data backups can get you up and running in a few days or weeks depending on how much data you need immediately. They can then make your other data available remotely or on dedicated servers over time so you eventually have all the data you might have otherwise lost.

An IT Support Team Will Provide Effective Solution to Tricky Issues

You might know how to deal with issues on your computer or laptop, but do you know how to deal with issues with your server or IT infrastructure? Contrary to what many people think, switching it off and on does not always work. Now ask yourself, how long can you afford to go without your IT infrastructure, and how much loss are you willing to incur? A 2021 report estimated that downtime cost UK businesses £11bn on the conservative end because many do not like disclosing such figures.

The IT support North London company you choose will have a team of experienced professionals who have encountered similar issues in the past. If not, they likely have heard about them or have an idea of what has gone wrong. Because of this, they are likely to have a solution ready almost immediately or an idea of how to fix it. They may be able to fix the issue over a phone call or email, and they may help you avoid it from happening again through active system monitoring.

IT Support North London – Data Storage, Management, and Security

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directives started being enforced in 2012 to strengthen regulations surrounding data and privacy protection. These regulations mandated how entities could handle, store, process and manage user data.

One of the more significant changes was the amount companies would have to pay if they were found not to comply with these laws. Some people might know that big corporations like Marriott International and British Airways have already been fined. However, they may not know that small and medium enterprises like The Bible Society have also been fined due to how they have handled data in the past. All of this is to say that your business should be taking data privacy and protection seriously.

The role of an IT Support North London company is to ensure your user and customer data is handled and stored securely. They also ensure that, while the data can be accessed easily, that can only be done by people who are explicitly authorised to access it. Without a team helping you, you might store data in ways or locations that make it vulnerable. You might also not manage permissions properly so that an unauthorised person or malicious actor accesses it.

Advice on Hardware and Software

When picking a laptop or computer for personal use, the process is typically straightforward; you find a device that meets your needs and is within your budget and buy it. However, the process is more involved when shopping for computers and infrastructure that will support critical business operations.

An IT support team can be instrumental in providing the information you require and helping you find exactly what you need. Remember that they already understand your IT and business needs very well. They can advise you on everything from the server to install, how to configure it, the right cables and equipment to use, the right software plans to subscribe to, and much more.

Keeping IT Support Costs Low

Another challenge businesses encounter is how to keep costs low while getting everything they need for continuing operations. An IT support North London team can help you save money in various ways. First of all, they can save you money on hiring an IT department. Experienced IT professionals can cost £100,000 per year each, and you might need three to five of them. Now think of an IT support business that gives you access to 10 IT professionals through their 24/7 support plan for £5,000 a month.

Secondly, they save you money on infrastructure. They can set you up with cloud storage or even off-premises servers that you use for everything but that you do not have to own or maintain. Last of all, they can advise you on the best software and hardware to get for the business so that you have all the functionality and features you need, but at an affordable cost.

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IT Support North London Services Let You Focus on Other Tasks

As a business owner, you have a lot to think about and focus on; you do not want to be dealing with nagging IT issues all the time. Or worse, you do not want to be the one fixing these issues unless you have the skills and time to do it right. If you task yourself with troubleshooting the issue and finding the right fixes for it, you will not have the time to focus on other important aspects of the business.

Hiring a team of IT professionals means you do not have to think about it. First, the team will monitor your system round-the-clock and be ready to deal with any issue before they become a catastrophic problem. Second, you can easily submit a ticket or call the team at any time to have a look if they have not detected them on their end. In addition, you will be able to ask about their progress, what is happening and when they are likely to resolve the issue.

IT is inevitable in today’s business environment if a business wants to maintain a competitive edge. However, owning and maintaining one comes with several challenges that have to do with software, hardware, and personnel. An IT support North London business can help other businesses solve these nagging challenges so they can focus on other things like customer acquisition and increasing revenue.

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