IT Security Consultancy

Security is essential to the success of every business, get it wrong and the repercussions can be severe, even more so with regulations like GDPR.  Just as important is the reputation of a business, when they suffer a data breach or a cyber attack that disrupts operations, it can be a long road back, with some businesses not being able to recover from a major security breach at all, this is where our IT Security Consultancy team can help

Security framework  

When talking about IT security Consultancy, here are just a few aspects that we consider when working with customers:   

  • Compliance to various standards like PCI DSS or GDPR 
  • Information security policies and governance 
  • Networking including Wi-Fi, firewalls, VPNs and web filtering 
  • Intrusion Prevention System and/or Intrusion Detection Systems 
  • Identity protection, authentication and auditing 
  • Email spam, malware and phishing protection 
  • Device management and endpoint health including encryption, antivirus and compliance 
  • Team collaboration and storage with retention, classification, data loss prevention and archiving 

We also take into account other factors such as staff security awareness, removable storage, data handling processes, HR practices, shadow IT and more besides. 

Proxar IT believes security is more than just about products, it’s a holistic approach to every aspect of your business and how it intersects with security, data protection and compliance. 

IT Security services 

At Proxar we provide a full suite of IT security consultancy services, this can help a business with whatever challenges they are facing, whether from a recent security incident or more on a preventative basis, to bolster security across the business. This includes the following services  

  • Assessment – looking at every aspect of a business, we determine the applicable threats to gauge the overall security posture and how it can be improved  
  • Prioritise – identify and prioritise security recommendations based on the assessment findings    
  • Roadmap – build a roadmap for the implementation of the top security recommendations  
  • Design/Deploy – Prepare and deploy the recommended items 

The above is tailored for each business we work with; this can be a rapid assessment with a quick turnaround or a longer engagement depending on the needs.  We have expertise across all these areas including but not limited to Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Information Protection, Remote Desktop Services, Windows Virtual Desktop, Azure, all aspects of Cisco networking plus a range of web and mail filtering solutions, not to mention Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems. 

 Proxar IT can help secure your business from the ground up as well as in particular areas or when dealing with a pressing security incident.  

Zero trust  

We are an advocate of zero trust, this approach to security treats every access attempt as if it’s coming from an untrusted network.  The starting point is to assume breach stance, which means you consider a breach has occurred or as an inevitability and you build your processes and protection around this, rather than a breach being theoretical event that may never happen.   

Alongside this we apply a least privilege access controls, so the accounts that could do the most damage if they fall into the wrong hands or even from insider threats are controlled and mitigated accordingly.   

To implement zero trust, we find Conditional Access a great tool, this provides dynamic protection based on criteria and conditions like sign-in risk including Impossible travel, device compliance status, blocking access based on location or requiring multi-factor authentication from anything but trusted locations. 

Proxar IT uses zero trust principles to implement modern security services and systems.  

Multi-Factor Authentication 

With passwords often being the weakest point in security, we always recommend two-factor or multi-factor authentication for all users.  Azure MFA is a solution that works particularly well for many of our customers, who appreciate its ease of use, it’s often included in the licencing they already have, its cloud based with excellent reliability and integrates well with applications including on-premise systems through the ADFS hybrid integration. This can also be a steppingstone to password less authentication, giving users more time to be productive.  

Implementing Azure MFA with on-premise VPNs and Remote Desktop Services has been a particularly favoured option, which is done with the NPS Extension for Azure MFA and RADIUS integration. This simplifies the user experience; a user receives a notification on their mobile device which they can approve or deny when connecting to the VPN or RDS gateway.  

Proxar have a track record of providing two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication solutions, including integration with ADFS, VPNs and RDS 

Securing applications with Single Sign-on  

Most businesses have list of business applications they use or their preferred web applications that are often secured with separate usernames and passwords.  Increasingly we are finding customers requiring not only Single Sign-On so users don’t have to remember different passwords but the improved security that Azure AD provides.   

Whether this is a legacy internal web application such as an intranet, financial or HR based system, a SaaS application like Salesforce, or something that’s been configured with AD FS, moving this to a cloud-based authentication with Azure AD offers a consistent user experience and provides enhanced security.   

Proxar IT can implement Single-Sign On for applications, to secure access and which work with advanced security features like identity protection.   

Data governance 

An area that sometimes gets missed is data governance including classification and protection, which is an element of information governance.  Not all data is all the same, there can be varying degrees of sensitivity and how these different types of data are treated is important.  This is particularly relevant when considering regulations like GDPR. 

When a document has sensitive information, containing personally identifiable information, financial information or other confidential information, this should be protected accordingly.  All too common are stories of data leakage, unintentionally oversharing in some cases as well as malicious data exfiltration that can lead to regulatory penalties in the very worst examples. 

Proxar IT understands the value of data protection, where sensitive information must be protected and we apply information governance principles, so your data is secured at all stages. 

Devices access  

Workforces are more dynamic than ever before, with younger generations expecting to be able to work from any location on any devices and remain productive.   The traditional approach of firewalls, perimeters and trusted networks isn’t always enough.  Mobile Device Management and information protection has evolved.  

Having a solution that knows the difference between work-based content and personal content, which ensures they aren’t mixed up or misused is the new standard.  This allows for BYOD scenarios while retaining control and allowing staff to do their best work. 

Our IT Security Consultancy help businesses embrace new ways of working without compromising productivity or security 

Security breach management and awareness 

Proxar IT can investigate security incidents, where they originated from, how to stop similar threats and also to consider the human element, that support staff, turning them in to your greatest asset with enhanced security awareness.   

This can include elements of security training and testing with attack simulators that safely phish staff and test their reaction, to see how susceptible they are to threats, with follow up training if needed. 

Proxar’s IT Security Consultancy can investigate security incidents, to help prevent further disruption or financial loss, while raising security awareness across the organisation. 

  • In depth networking skills with inhouse Microsoft and Cisco expertise  
  • Attuned to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 advanced security and information protection 
  • Implements zero trust solutions that will always offer the best security 
  • Security breach investigations 
  • Security assessments and remediation 

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