Network Security Solutions

At Proxar IT, we offer expert network security solutions for both on-premise and Cloud infrastructures. We have a dedicated Cisco Certified Networking team who pride themselves on providing excellent service. And they’ll use custom solutions, built upon your business needs, rather than that ‘generic solution for all businesses‘. At Proxar, we take the time to understand your network, and how all aspects of it work.

Why are Network Security Solutions Essential for your Business?

Network attacks are evolving, and each day they become more sophisticated in their ability to go unnoticed. So, if your business is a victim of an attack that results in a data breach, the consequences could be devastating. It may destroy your company’s reputation and have devastating financial consequences. This is especially true if it’s in breach of GDPR, such as customers or employees personal data. Attacks like these are easy to avoid if you have the necessary network security in place.

We constantly discover new methods of attack that leave your network vulnerable in many areas. This is why we highly recommend you adhere to the basics of network security and provide multiple network security solutions.

Additionally, to enhance your security, we’ll patch devices when vendors release new updates. We provide network support contracts that include patching as standard on all of our support tiers. This protects your infrastructure’s vulnerabilities against easily preventable attacks.

Network Security

What Network Security Does Proxar IT Support?

Our team can help you with almost all Network Security Solutions which include:

– DHCP Spoofing and Packet Sniffing

– Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Man in the middle attacks

– PCI DSS Compliance and Security updates (patching)

– Hardware replacement (End of Life) and replacement recommendations

– Brute force, physical and user based attacks

– Network encryption.

Our experienced Cisco certified engineers offer both Cloud infrastructure and office network security services. These include compliance with common standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry).

With an initial assessment, we’ll recommend and implement solutions for both network architecture and operating system related risks within your business. We can provide several network security solutions including, security audits, penetration testing and remote access solutions. These are the most common things our clients require with network security solutions.

Network Security

Interesting Facts About Network Security

Internal users typically have some level of network security access granted to their accounts because of the nature of their job. Additionally, they already know about the network and resources. Thus, it makes it easy for an unintentional or malicious cyber attack to occur.

Traditional network security mechanisms and firewalls are ineffective against most internal network abuse. This means Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) need specific network security solutions.

It is likely that external attackers don’t have intimate network knowledge of a network. And they don’t already possess access credentials. Therefore, their attacks tend to be more technical in nature.

Network Security Solutions – Conclusion

In 2019, a collection of 2.7 billion identity records, consisting of 774 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords, were available for sale on the web. And cybercrime damage may reach $6 trillion by 2021.

And this is why network security solutions should be a priority for your business. So, to find out how we can keep your network secure, contact us today.