Network Monitoring Management

The number and complexity of network based attacks on businesses by criminals is increasing, both in number and in sophistication. Some attacks are purely malicious; others motivated by traditional criminal intent to steal for profit, and a small but disturbing number are targeted attempts at industrial espionage. Whilst we can never be sure of the motivations of attackers, we can be sure that every internet connected network in the UK is subject to regular attack. Proxar IT offers constant network security monitoring covering all the major attack vectors against a data network including Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and use of remote service exploits and vulnerabilities. We go beyond mere “perimeter defence” to offer a full service Network Security Monitoring service, which enables our clients to have peace of mind about the state of health of their network and its data.

The number of network attacks against targets in the UK is rising inexorably. Despite high profile prosecutions — and controversial attempts to deport some suspects — network security as a discipline has never been so important. Accurate numbers are impossible to come by, but Proxar IT Consulting have never monitored an internet connected host that was not subject to at least daily attack — and the number of connected machines in the UK runs into the millions. Many attacks are predictable, and can be deflected safely by simple adherence to well understood processes, such as keeping all internet facing equipment patched to the vendors’ recommended standards. However, in recent years there has been a growth in sophisticated attacks that do not depend on software flaws from the manufacturers of network equipment to be effective. Proxar IT offers monitoring, 24/7, for clients who need an immediate security response to attacks.

The reasons for cybercrime are as varied as traditional crime. One disturbing factor is the willingness of otherwise law abiding people to engaging in network vulnerability exploitation and attack, out of pure curiosity or maliciousness, with no hope of reward or recognition — except perhaps in the courts. Proxar IT offers its clients monitoring of attacks in real time, and can deploy responses as appropriate. Proxar IT are able to gather and forward data such as attacking internet (IP) addresses to law enforcement agencies if required.

How we can monitor your security?

Proxar IT will manage and monitor perimeter defences capable of resisting many variants of the highly destructive DDOS attack. It is the DDOS that has been favoured by high-profile revenge groups such as lulzsec and Anonymous. A DDOS is designed to cripple a network, it does not cause any penetration or loss of data in itself. However, groups like Anonymous have used DDOS as a cover for more dangerous attacks mounted at the same time. Proxar IT network security monitoring will respond 24/7 to any detected DDOS or other attack.

Proxar IT offers services for clients demanding the highest levels of security. Within the network we are able to offer network security monitoring providing behind-the-firewall intrusion detection or intrusion prevention. Proxar can install and configure intrusion detection, or monitor systems you already have in place at all times, to ensure a timely and appropriate response to any malicious activity, abnormality or policy violation detected on your network. Proxar IT consultants are available for no obligations conversations around your businesses needs and how we can help keep your network secure.

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