Network Security Managed Service

Attacks based on company networks are an omnipresent and unfortunate element of life on the World Wide Web. And these attacks are increasing in both number and sophistication. This makes it all the more important that you have a network security managed service to give your business network the best possible protection. With this, you can deploy, configure and manage your firm’s security software and appliances.

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, our complete network security managed service covers both the supply and management of these components. And all of these components are essential when it comes to ensuring the security of your business network. Our network threat mitigation experts have the highest level of industry expertise. This includes PCI-DSS and ISO27001 for those with the most demanding requirements.

Protect Your Business Network From Attacks and Threats with our Network Security Managed Service

There is no sign that the torrent of network based attacks on businesses is likely to abate any time soon. Indeed, the range of attacks and threats from which you need to protect your company is vast. And includes everything from low-level probing of the best-known vulnerabilities to finely targeted attacks on network entry points and applications. And this is why network security management for your business is a good idea.

Not all attackers will necessarily aim to penetrate your network. Some will simply attempt to shut down your business by flooding it with excess traffic. One thing that all threats to your company have in common is that when successfully executed they deprive you of sales and revenue.

And here at Proxar IT Consulting, we specialise in the highest calibre defences. We use top industry names such as Cisco as part of our network security managed service. So this means that you can concentrate on your core business. Which leaves you with more time to focus on your business, and spending less time on network threat mitigation.

Choose Proxar IT Consulting for the Best Quality Network Threat Mitigation Management

As your business evolves, you need to alter and configure your network and application security appliances accordingly. And the good news is that here at Proxar It Consulting, our network security managed service will minimise disruption to your business. This is because we’ll implement the necessary changes for you. And this is all a part of our highly rated network security managed service.

We specialise in a rapid, responsible and reliable turnaround, with all routine changes, including network firewall changes, included in the service. As a matter of fact, we can manage changes across everything from router access control lists to firewall rule sets and intrusion detection system control, so that you don’t need to turn to any other company for network threat mitigation management.

More about our configuration of Virtual Private Networks and Network Security Managed Service

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are networks that use the Internet and other public telecommunications infrastructure. They use these to provide access to a central organised network to travelling users or remote offices. VPNs offer many possibilities for remote, mobile and home working. And they tend to require authentication of remote users in addition to using encryption technologies to secure data. And they have largely negated the need to requisition and maintain dedicated lease-line telecommunication circuits. These were once the norm in wide-area network installations.

This means that VPNs are increasingly becoming the critical highways of site-to-site traffic within a business. This is because they provide trusted exchange points for B2B traffic. VPNs almost always have a significantly lower cost than the traditional “point to point” dedicated network solution or enterprise MPLS.

Network Security Managed Services Summary

When you enlist our network security managed services, you can be assured of a network that is perfectly primed for your future growth and partnership plans. And we’ll do this with the configuration and design of Virtual Private Networks. Whatever you require when it comes to network security managed service, at Proxar IT Consulting, we’ll provide you with the most secure and reliable solution.