Network Management

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we offer an invaluable service when it comes to data centre network management. We can enhance the uptime and reliability of your data centre network infrastructure. So this means that you can enjoy improved business continuity.

Your data centre is a key part of your business. And with data centres becoming larger and more complex, it’s good to have assistance with them. And with our data centre network management, we’ll effectively manage your servers and DC devices. In addition to any other necessary equipment.

Data Centre Network Management Design

To make your data centre network infrastructure more flexible, robust and efficient, you’ll need a simple and flattened design. And this must be compliant with current data centre standards.

A flatter data centre topology with edge intelligence will allow for ‘on the fly’ creation. It also lets you move and scale resources from centralised connection pools. This will allow you to integrate resources. And will let you put a provisioning management toolset in place.

With our design, we don’t lock your company into an exclusive end-to-end solution. Instead, we give you a flexible data centre network infrastructure that we’ll install gradually. This will protect your existing investments while still meeting your productivity requirements.

Choose Proxar IT for your Data Centre Network Management

At Proxar IT, our data centre network infrastructure is open and standards-based. We’ll integrate management and provisioning for maximum business agility. So this allows you to realistically deploy new technologies. Our offers complete support for web, cloud and back office. As well as for high performance computing models.

In addition to this, our data centre network management services allow you to resolve problems faster. And it lets you manage and optimize the capacity of SANs and LANs. These help to make your data centre more secure. And they make it easier to diagnose and troubleshoot data centre outages. As well as this, they simplify the operation and management of virtualized data centres.

Data Centre Network Management Solutions

If you’re looking for data centre network management solutions then look no further than Proxar IT. You can turn to our network support professionals to assess your existing network infrastructure and to formulate new strategies. As well as this, we’ll design solutions for your business current needs, as well as its future ones.

Our full range of network support services include:

  • Monitoring and reporting of network availability.
  • Managed LAN and wireless LAN services
  • Network security
  • Router services
  • Capacity and performance management, plus much more.


Our data centre management support includes process optimisation, disaster recovery, storage and backup management. As well as server management and consolidation. So overall, our data centre network management services allow you to relax in the knowledge that you can dedicate your time to potential business opportunities.

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