Network Support Services

Your office network needs to be secure, efficient and constantly available in order to deliver the best possible performance. This way, there’s no limit to your company’s productivity. And to deliver this, you can count on Proxar IT Support and our extensive office network support services. Our traffic monitoring service lets us know when your network runs into problems. So we can fix issues before you even have the chance to notice them.

Specialist Office Network Support Services from Proxar

When you have network problems, our capable office network professionals will make sure that you’re quickly brought back up to speed. As well as this, we’ll discuss an appropriate plan of action with you, if you need any serious repairs.

So if you want to enhance your Internet connectivity or extend your wireless signal then turn to us for the most informed, professional advice. We’ll take part in a thorough consultation with you so we can provide you with the best possible network infrastructure.

Hardwired vs Wireless

Making the decision about whether to invest in a hardwired or wireless network is not straightforward. A hardwired network, which consists of a terminal point fixed to the wall, is the fastest, most secure and reliable of the two. Indeed, wireless technology tends to be around 10 times slower than a hardwired solution.

However, if you need wireless access in your office, a hybrid infrastructure might be a good choice. This combines a wireless access point’s convenience with a hardwired network’s speed and reliability.

Office Network Support – Summary

For the highest standard of office network support services , on an ad-hoc or contract basis, contact Proxar IT Support today. We can help you with the repair of one-off issues to full office network security. And we’ll advise you on the best network solution for your own office.

Our office network support professionals are also experts in network security. They will help to prevent unauthorised use of your Internet connection. So you can have complete faith in our seasoned and well-qualified engineers when it comes to office network support.

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