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Cisco Network Support

Does your medium to large business require extensive professional Cisco support? Here at Proxar IT Consulting, our experienced Cisco certified engineers provide a vast range of support services designed to ensure the optimal and efficient running of Cisco network infrastructure. Our many years of experience in providing Cisco consultancy and support services equips us to […]

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we appreciate how vital it is for your Cisco network infrastructure to be continually operational and efficient, with no interruptions affecting the security and well-being of your day-to-day business. This is why we offer a highly rated emergency Cisco support service. As a Cisco Certified partner, we have a number […]

Cisco network infrastructure has long played a role in making a medium to large company more productive and secure, providing the right platform for the most efficient operations. From cable IP NGN solutions that assist in boosting efficiency and unifying IP and MPEG video infrastructures, through to IP/MPLS core routing solutions that give next-generation business […]

Across the UK, medium to large organisations depend on the switches, routers and other network products of Cisco. The situation is no different in Surrey, where businesses of various sizes can ill-afford even the briefest of network downtimes if they are to be truly productive and competitive. Such network infrastructure as offered by Cisco is […]

With one of our two offices being located in London, our IT managers and engineers are used to providing services and solutions that ensure the continued efficient and optimal operation of network devices – and the situation is no different when one chooses a network infrastructure consisting of Cisco products. As a company that takes […]

Get more out of your Cisco network infrastructure with Proxar IT Consulting. We recommend Cisco network products, which range from core networks and edge networks to carrier ethernet and cable infrastructure – for several very simple reasons. Our engineers and managers only believe in recommending the most reliable equipment for boosting the productivity and security […]

We are great believers in the high standard of Cisco network products, and their suitability to a wide range of Essex office-based firms and data centres. It’s why we continually recommend Cisco equipment, on account of its reliability, scalability and functionality.  Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience in the installation and modification of […]

In the running of your medium to large sized company’s office or data centre, you may require support for various aspects of your Cisco network infrastructure. Businesses based in the centre of the English capital are especially well-placed to benefit from the considerable Cisco knowhow and experience of our engineers, given the presence of one […]

Here at Proxar IT Consulting, we know that you expect your Cisco network infrastructure to be fully operational at all times, not least given the great damage to your business productivity that can be caused by even the briefest of downtime. Not only do we recognise that, but we also work hard to provide the […]