PCI DSS Compliance

If you conduct your business with any kind of customer credit card data, it is compulsory to adhere to PCI DSS. This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and it refers to an information security standard. This specifies the relevant security standards and procedures that relate to configuration, auditing and access to your company’s computer network. And here at Proxar, we can advise you at every stage of the process to make sure your company has full PCI DSS Compliance.

Our PCI DSS Compliance Services

Making sure that your business complies with these standards can prove problematic. But thankfully we can make the task much easier for you with our various services. From auditing to implementation and certification related to PCI DSS compliance, here at Proxar, we have you covered.

We provide our PCI DSS Compliance services in phases. And we provide at least one initial PCI DSS audit. Phase 1involves a full PCI DSS Consultancy. Then in Phase 2, we’ll implement the PCI DSS plan for your business. And finally, in Phase 3 we’ll issue PCI DSS Compliance Certification

It’s unwise for any company to certify its own work at the implementation phase. This is why we don’t provide all of the above services together.

Compliance Consultancy

In the first phase, the initial audit, we’ll establish the unique requirements of your company. We’ll examine its existing infrastructure, conduct a gap analysis and, finally, we’ll draw up a project plan. As a result of this, you’ll receive a report about your network, systems, documentation and procedures involved in your company’s infrastructure. Additionally, we’ll detail the gap analysis. This highlights the differences between your company’s current stage and the stage it needs to reach to achieve PCI DSS certification.

However, it can be tricky to implement the requirements of PCI DSS compliance. Especially if it inadvertently has a negative effect on other aspects of the way your company’s web environment operates. Thankfully, the project plan we’ll draw up in our consultancy service will provide sound advice on overcoming this tricky stage.

PCI DSS Compliance – Conclusion

Overall, our consultancy services can help you to effectively implement the network, systems and governance requirements of PCI DSS. These are recommended at the PCI DSS audit and PCI DSS consultancy stages.

As a service provider, we are not aligned with any particular vendors. However, in our experience, vendors are particularly effective at assisting in high quality PCI DSS implementation. These include Cisco for network equipment and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for operating systems. The expertise of these companies, aligned to that of Proxar IT Consulting, promises to lead to accomplished PCI DSS certification.

Remember, in a competitive corporate world, your company can’t afford to lend the job of PCI DSS consultancy and information security to anything less than expert hands. So contact Proxar today to find out how we can help you achieve full PCI DSS Compliance.