Network Security for Web Platforms

When it comes to web technology, JAVA and PHP are the most common choices amongst businesses. But regardless of the system, the security of your company’s web technology is undeniably paramount. So below, we’ll explore network security for web platforms.

Our Network Security For Web Platforms

Here at Proxar, we offer full security audits, consultancy, and implementation services to improve your business web security. Our staff are highly qualified, so they can professionally boost your system security. They’ll do this with their vast experience in consulting and configuring. And they’ll also use various security hardening techniques.

These methods include Red Hat and Apache security, as well as SELinux and Mod_security. On a network level, we draw solutions from renowned technologies and vendors. As well as from highly esteemed companies such as Cisco and Checkpoint. And if you worry about potential Distributed Denial of Service attacks on your network, we can also implement high quality DDOS protection

System Security

At Proxar IT Consulting we have in-depth knowledge about how to boost web platform security from a system viewpoint. No matter what web technology you use, we can effectively embed high security solutions like SELinux and Mod_security into your existing infrastructure.

SELinux is a version of the operating system, Linux, which allows for a high level of control over system files, processes, users and applications. While Mod_security will defend at the source code level, operating as an Apache web server module.

Network Security and Industry Standards

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to improving the security of Red Hat operating systems and their Apache software. And we have an impressive track record when it comes to improving the security of various web infrastructures. We always meet the requirements of the network security standard known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This standard is in place to improve the data security process for card payments.

Firewalls and other security appliances such as network security frameworks are very effective. However, many businesses still struggle to adequately defend their web infrastructure against DDOS attacks.

When it comes to choosing network security for web platforms, look no further than Proxar IT Consulting. We can help you implement external network security protection services from renowned companies like Prolexic or Webscreen. And we diligently follow standards, guidelines and recommendations from leading companies in the network security field. Such as Cisco, Checkpoint and Juniper.

Network Security for Web Platforms – Conclusion

Ultimately, no aspiring business wants to waste time and money to resolve the consequences of a network security lapse. And when it comes to network security for web platforms, here at Proxar, we believe that prevention is better than cure. So get in touch with one of our IT specialists today to discover how we can boost your web security.